Here’s to King Dave, who taught me about more than funny names

Back when I was wet behind the ears, I dreamed about being a writer for BoFN.

Then Dave Carlson opened his big, fuzzy heart and let me into the big leagues.

Well, something like that.

I was writing along at when my fellow bloggers Liz and Kerbey told me about this spot they both were posting at. The Blog of Funny Names, they nudged me to check out.  It ran almost daily stories frequently written by some seriously funny folks.

IMG_7561The ringleader was a guy by the name of Dave Carlson. He got in touch with me, and I must have passed muster. Maybe it was my name. In any case, he gave me a montly slot on his blog, and in November, 2014, off I went with a piece on golfer Fred Funk.

It went live on the blog. I held my breath.

Dave Carlson commented in a thread with Kerbey.

“Wait, Fred was a boxer?!?!?! I’m not sure if you know how much this excites me, but it really does!!!!”

I was in.

I learned that Dave was so into arcane sports facts.

Over the course of the next few years, we traded odd views and remarks about that and this, Hollywood folks and other peculiarities I came up with for his blog.

For some reason, I started to call him King Dave. His world. I only wrote in it, you know.

So now I bow to this worldly ruler as he wages such an important and courageous fight.

You rule to me, King Dave. Thanks for reigning with just the right touch.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at great piece NBC San Diego did about King Dave’s journey against brain cancer.

Dave’s friends have put up a Go Fund Me page.

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Why I Love Dave More than the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix

With today’s post, we welcome back someone who needs no introduction – the delightful Amb from Toronto, Ontario, Canada – to The Blog of Funny Names. Sadly, her login to the BoFN has expired . . .

Hi all! Thanks so much for having me. I’ve been away from blogging for a few years, so it’s an honour to be asked back and contribute a #ravefordave. And that’s not just my Canadian spelling manners speaking!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a moment and get reacquainted. There are a couple of things you should know before we get this party started.

The first thing is that, while all of the people here love Dave, there’s only one person here who loves him in a swoon-inducing, breath-stealing, high school crush-reliving sort of way.

I promised him I would keep this PG-13, but suffice to say that I once convinced Dave to drive over an hour out of his way just to buy me dinner, he once hid a trail of messages for me across the internet, and we have nauseatingly adorable nicknames for each other. I have been batting my eyelashes across the blogsphere at this boy for ages, and I’d still like to be his girlfriend when I grow up.

The second thing is that I talk fast, drink coffee faster, and am, more often than not, charmingly ridiculous at life. In other words, Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal.

So when I tell you that I love Dave more than I love the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix – you know – that’s a lot. Let’s compare the two, shall we?

Coming back to Star’s Hollow with Lorelai felt like coming home. Dave makes people feel like that when they reconnect with him, too. Other folks have already spoken eloquently about the genuine warmth and affection he exudes, even if he’s been out of touch for a while.

I will, as usual, put this into TV-speak and say that talking to Dave makes my heart feel as light and twinkly as the gazebo in the Star’s Hollow town square. It doesn’t matter if we go a few days or a few weeks between visits – the sparkle is always there.

(This is also the part of my post where I polish up my funny-named Canadian indie musician bona fides, and dedicate “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk to Dave).

Even when she’s keeping up with the trends, Lorelai sticks with what works. The woman knew how to rock a toque … and she brought it back to Netflix in 2016. Dave, too, enjoys wearing classic pieces that withstand the fickle winds of fashion. (*cough* red hoodie *cough*) And looks mighty fine doing it too, if I may say so myself.

Lorelai’s challenges only made her stronger. Ok, look. This is a safe space. We can all admit that the scene where Lorelai finally broke down and shared a favourite memory of her late father Richard Gilmore turned us into blubbering, snot-nosed disasters. The point isn’t how Netflix could so mercilessly wring tears from us after we had barely gotten over Rory and Logan’s farewell. The point is how Lorelai used the pain of her loss to build a stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationship with her remaining parent, her mother Emily.

Y’all can see where this is going, right? My beloved Dave is already thinking ahead to how this experience is going to help him build stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationships with his patients.

Seriously, who does that?! This guy, that’s who. I swoon.

He’s going to become a wiser, more compassionate doctor, who will have a remarkable impact on every life he touches.

Well. Now that *I’ve* become a blubbering, snot-nosed disaster, I’m going to sign off. Please consider contributing to Dave’s GoFundMe campaign, if you haven’t already. (And maybe watch “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” on Netflix. I mean, if you want).

Love you, kitten. You’ve got this. xoxo




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Rav3 4 Dav3 Day 7

Words on Dave

by Ogdydd Naesh

Dave is sometimes known as King,
And has a fondness for boxing.
He also has been known to spar
With WordPress and rock guitar.

For funny names Dave has a passion,
Which puts his own name out of fashion;
Dave’s name is nice enough, but plain,
As Dave himself likes to explain.

They say Dave’s clever like Tom Edison,
And it’s a fact he studies medicine.
Is there anything Dave can’t do?
Our research team can’t prove it’s true.

One’s called Angie and one’s named Clifford;
They’ve gone out armed with pencil and clipboard.
So far, they report one fact:
Dave loves people, and they love him back.

We’ve never met a soul so brave
To say, “Sorry, I can’t do that, Dave.”
Confronted with Dave’s charms galore,
Even HAL would lift that pod bay door.

Hal and Dave

“Anything you say, Dave. No problemo!”

Dave’s also known for his good deeds,
Helping all in all their needs.
He’s gone for missions on a scooter,
To serve mankind as MCAT tutor.

Sometimes after bouts of FNitN
Dave’s gone out to save some kittens,
He takes them mewling from a branch,
To the refuge of Amb’s kitten ranch.

We should mention Dave’s oblivious
To making females flibbertigibbeous,
And causing them to turn their heads,
Which swell and smoke and turn bright red.

Latest victims of disaster:
Three winsome NBC newscasters.
Responding to these ladies’ swoons,
Medics rushed to their newsroom.

They say one’s stable, one still critical,
And one more still flibbertigibbical.
We plan to get some flowers and visitem.
Please note that one’s named Megan Tevrizian.

Megan Tevrizian

Finely named reporter among latest to succomb to Daveswoon.

Yes, Dave has many gifts, so various.
Did we mention he’s hilarious?
At BoFN for the longest while
He’s posted with great comic style.

And now we come to the real test:
Which BoFN post by Dave is best?
Different readers have their favorite
From all the many posts that Dave writ.

For posts in which Dave best cavorts,
Some say FNitN, and some sports.
To venture judgment I’m quite leery,
But I say the one on Funny Names Theory.

Now we’ll hear hairsplitters fidget,
“That’s not a post, it’s just a widget.”
And if that’s true my crime is heenius,
But that one really shows Dave’s genius.

Inspiration, depth, and range,
A perfect mix of weird and strange,
That post as any fool hazzter see’s
A blazing comic masterpiece.

You wouldn’t doubt me, or think that droll,
If Mark Sackler made a poll.
“View Results” would surely indicate it,
And get my choice for best post vindicated.

That Dave, we could go on on himmit’s
Just that BoFN has word limits.
But before you stroll away,
There’s one more thing we have to say.

Dave helps all, but who helps Dave?
If you’ve got some riches saved,
Don’t spend it all this coming Sundy:
Go and visit Dave’s GoFundMe.

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Rave For Dave Campaign #6, by beth k

Today special guest blogger, Beth, from I Didn’t Have My Glasses On, is helping us get out the word.

dave and i first crossed paths on his blog site, the blog of funny names, a few years back. since then, he has made quite the journey. while he cranked out blogs with some of the most unusual and humorous names (and their stories), that have ever existed, he made the decision to go to medical school. at that point, he enlisted the help of fellow bloggers to offer their takes on this theme and to keep the blog up and running. (can you believe it, who would give up such a incredible enterprise like writing a humor blog for something so serious as medical school?!)

while in medical school, with his studies focusing on becoming a neurologist, only to soon live with the most ironic twist of all, discovering the news that he himself had a brain tumor, and needed all of his wisdom and strength to fight this terrible beast.

as is his way, he continued to help others and to attend medical school, all while undergoing his own treatment program. after two surgeries and numerous rounds of chemo, dave is still standing and more resolute than ever.

the NBC affiliate in san diego, california, recently covered his extraordinary story. You can hear it in his words here.

in addition to this, dave’s sister, vanessa, set up a GoFundMe page and he is making great progress in his goal to help cover his medical expenses. click here if you are able to support dave in the greatest battle of his life.

dave in his various modes of dress

for two weeks, we, some of his greatest fans, have been, and will continue to, share stories and wishes for dave, as we follow him on his latest  journey to recovery.

as an ode to dave and his love of funny names, i have found another dave who has changed his name to this:

James Dr No From Russia with Love Goldfinger Thunderball You Only Live Twice On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Diamonds Are Forever Live and Let Die The Man with the Golden Gun The Spy Who Loved Me Moonraker For Your Eyes Only Octopussy A View to a Kill The Living Daylights Licence to Kill Golden Eye Tomorrow Never Dies The World Is Not Enough Die Another Day Casino Royale Bond

According to the Scotsman, this James Bond fanatic has changed his name to incorporate all 21 Bond films. David Fearn, 23, from Staffordshire is now officially known as “James Dr No From Russia With Love Goldfinger Thunderball You Only Live .[you get the idea] Bond”, the longest name in deed poll history. Mr Bond, from Walsall, said: “I wanted to be James Bond and now I am – it’s the ultimate fantasy. I can’t wait for the first time somebody asks me what my name is.”

                                                      Inline image 1

here’s to you, dave, and may you beat the bad guys once more –





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Rave for Dave, Fri-Dayve Edition

What up home dogs! It is I, Rob, returning to the blog to honor a very special person – my brother Dave!  As teenagers, Dave and I realized we had a great affinity for people with awesome names. Dave, of course, took that affinity and turned it into this wonderful blog.

If you’ve been following this awesome campaign to honor the man whose nicknames (mostly used only by me) have included Davey Baby, David McGuinty, and King Ding Ding, you know that he’s been going through a heck of a lot recently. Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, and it’s taken a real toll on the poor guy. But he’s a champ, a fighter, a badass, and a boss, and he is already back in med school, inspiring everybody who crosses his path!

However, getting a brain tumor ain’t cheap, and he could use some help with his medical bills and associated expenses. Please donate here if you can. Also, if you want to learn more about Dave’s story, NBC News covered Dave’s fight in a recent story.

Now, let’s set our seriousness aside, and have some funny names fun! If you’ve followed my posts, you know I like to write about baseball. This post will be no different. So, to honor my man, the king, the Davester, here is a list of a couple of the best named Daves in baseball history:

-Dave Brain (1879-1959) – while I spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about Dave’s brain, let’s turn our attention to 1907 National League home run champion, Dave Brain. Born in England – not a country known for its ballplayers – Brain put up respectable numbers over a seven-year career, and managed to accomplish several impressive feats. In addition to winning the home run title, Brain also put up two three-triple games in the 1903 season. Remarkable!

Dave Brain

Flippin’ sweet card featuring the Brainster!

-Dave Dravecky (1956-present) – Dravecky’s story is a wild one. A good pitcher, Dave made the 1983 All Star team, and helped the Padres to the National League pennant a year later. Dravecky, however, is far better known for other reasons. One is for his right-wing political views and Christian beliefs. While with the Giants, Dravecky and several teammates became known as the “God Squad” – a group who eschewed the hard-partying lifestyle of many teammates, instead preferring to hold bible studies in their hotel rooms while on long road trips.

Dravecky is also known for the unfortunate circumstances that ended his career. A cancerous desmoid tumor was found in his pitching arm. (you can ask Dr. Dave what the heck a desmoid tumor is) He underwent surgery and attempted a comeback, which ended when his humerus bone snapped while he was throwing a pitch. Shortly after, a doctor discovered a malignant mass in the arm – Dravecky’s career was over. Not one to give up (sounds like my brother!), Dravecky then began a motivational speaking and writing career. You go, Dravecky!


Dravecky repping the sweet throwback Padres jersey!

And you go, Dr. Dave. Thanks for being an awesome brother. I hope you enjoyed this warm yet goofy tribute! Keep on rockin in the free world!




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