Outerbridge Horsey

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The first name to be proudly commemorated on our blog : Outerbridge Horsey. 

That’s right, Outerbridge Horsey.

Now, we all had someone in our graduating class named Outerbridge, but when you combine that with the last name Horsey, you get something truly memorable.

So who was this fine gentleman and how did he make his worthy name famous? Well, there were actually seven Outerbridge Horseys proudly carrying on the family name.

Outerbridge Horsey VII, seen here posing with animals

Most prominent of them was Outerbridge Horsey III, a Senator from the great state of Delaware. He served in the senate from 1810 until 1821 and as perhaps his greatest deed passed on his name to his son, Outerbridge Horsey IV.

Delightfully, the family has carried on this wonderful name to this very day, as Outerbridge Horsey VII carries on the family glory in the field of architecture in Georgetown, D.C.

Outerbridge Horsey VI also had a prominent career in government, working in the National Emergency Security Council and then securing multiple posts abroad, including the hot gig of ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1963-1966 (a fairly eventful period in that country’s history, it should be added).

We hope to have brought enough of the Horsey family legacy to you with this brief introduction, and hope to inspire many to name their children Outerbridge in tribute.

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22 Responses to Outerbridge Horsey

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  15. Arlette says:

    That is certainly brilliant! Now I am going to need to share this info with my pal.

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  22. Ann Wagner says:

    Decades ago, my mother worked for a man named Mr. Tiger. She was asked to set up a meeting with Mr. Wolf and Mr Horsey (Outerbridge, of course.) She dared to smile, but her boss was not amused.

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