Jonathan Cheechoo

Hailing from the town of Moose Factory, Ontario is already a good way to ensure passage onto the Funny Names Blog. It helps even more if your last name is incredibly fun to say, perhaps recreating the feeling thousands of model train enthusiasts enjoy daily, just by the wonder of those two syllables. Chee-Choo. Whoo!

Jonathan Cheechoo is a professional hockey player who hails from Canada, from the aforementioned town of Moose Factory. The town got its name from its location at the mouth of the Moose River in Ontario, “factory” being an archaic European term describing a trading post. The town is incidentally historically significant for being the first English-speaking settlement in Ontario.

Cheechoo’s name comes from Moose Cree heritage, a Canadian aboriginal tribe, of whom he is the first member to reach the National Hockey League. According to an ESPN article about his rise to the top, there are as many as 300 Cheechoos in the town of Moose Factory, meaning 10% of the town’s phone book is filled by the name.

Cheechoo made his breakthrough with the San Jose Sharks in 2004, prompting his then-coach Ron Wilson to play with his name in describing his function in his line : “”I hate to use a train (metaphor), but Cheech used to be the caboose on that line…but now, he’s definitely the locomotive, and they’re in the passenger cars. ”

He was subsequently traded to Ottawa, and has slowly seen his career fade in the years since then. Whenever his name does pop up in the sports wires today, it still brings delight to our day.

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