Bitsie Tulloch

Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch is an American actress, recognized for her work on the TV show Grimm, the film The Artist, and the groundbreaking web series Quarterlife.

It seems impossible not to like someone named Bitsie.

Bitsie Tulloch at Comic Con 2011

Aside from being an impressive actress, Bitsie boasts an impressive nickname that she earned in homage to her grandfather, a bomber pilot during WWII. Recently, that’s the closest the words “pilot” and “bomb” have gotten to Bitsie, as Grimm has been exceeding expectations, and The Artist is a frontrunner for several Academy Awards. In Tinseltown, things are getting quite glitzy for Bitsie.

Despite her diminutive-sounding name, she’s an intellectual giant. Before getting into acting, she graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a double major in English and American Literature, and Visual and Environmental Studies – which actually sounds like four majors, but in any case, Bitsie is far from ditzy.

As a child, a teensy-weensy itsy-Bitsie lived in four countries – she was born in San Diego, but lived in Spain, Argentina and Uruguay as a child before settling in Bedford, New York in time for middle school.

We’re impressed, and not just ’cause her name sounds so spritzy. We hope her diverse talents translate into life becoming only more ritzy for Bitsie.

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17 Responses to Bitsie Tulloch

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  3. rhijulbec says:

    Love grimm! They should expand her character somewhat. Mostly she is playing the damsel in distress so far.

    • Dave says:

      I agree. She’s one of the best characters on that show. I like the episode where she learned how to shoot a gun. It brought out a new dimension of her character.

  4. Cailin says:

    In Grimm she is a terrible actress! It’s a great part and shes very weak. Shes cute but can’t act! What were the Producers etc thinking?

      • rhijulbec says:

        her reaction to the news that her fiance is a Grimm and the absolute…nothing on her face was dissapointing. I know its the way the actor has been told to play the part, but something, anything registering on her face would have been good. Glad it was renewed. Love the show.

        • Dave says:

          Yeah. I thought it was a really weird scene though, and wasn’t written all that well. Bitsie basically had to go through the whole scene without saying anything, and yet be totally skeptical even though her boyfriend/husband was kind of baring his soul to her. They should have made her character a bit more sympathetic and open-minded, rather than having her basically roll her eyes for five minutes.

          I like Bitsie in that role, and I hope her character survives! She adds a lot to the show and makes it much more pleasant to watch!

      • Andrew says:

        I must too agree with Cailin! Even though she has to follow the script ofcourse, she mostly tries to over act the part. The writers ofcourse make her to be a kind of – nagging / only see it my own way / a bit selfish / I don’t know what I want…go…no stay…no go – type of girl…which doesn’t help her at all.
        She just can’t act very good. Her character often gets on my nerves.

    • Dave says:

      I like Bitsie’s character and think she adds a lot to the show. Perhaps she’s a bit surly and sarcastic for a character who has finished veterinary school, but I think she usually pulls it off very well. In the finale, she had a very tough job, basically going through a whole scene and having to convey a lot without saying anything, and it wasn’t the most inspired performance, but I didn’t think it was any cornier than the rest of the plot of that episode.

  5. rhijulbec says:

    Well we can’t forget she was just about to pass out from the poison…lol!

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  7. paralaxvu says:

    You gave me her award! You like me! You really Like me!

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  9. elaine mae bete says:

    Terrible actress. Cant wait that she wud be kicked out of the show. She drags the whole story down. Shes not convincing bein juliet nor eve

  10. zod says:

    Possibly the worst actress on television. She is the female equivalent of Vin Diesel. I’ll admit she is kind of cute for an aging, anorexic bag of bones, but has strange eyes and bizarre expressions would have me looking under the mattress for a knife or whatever. I bet she is a real psycho in real life. Probably one of hose touchy-feely weirdos who has a dog for a child verses a human child.

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