Ron Tugnutt

Ronald Frederick Bradley Tugnutt is in contention for having had the greatest, most snicker-inducing name in my formative years. He is a retired National Hockey League goaltender, and now an assistant coach with the finely named Peterborough Petes in the Ontario Hockey League. And his name is Tugnutt.

Young Whippersnapper Ronald Tugnutt, with the Halifax Citadels

Ron Tugnutt came to worldwide fame not because of his name, but because of his performances as a goalie in the world’s greatest hockey league. Early in his career he played for some great teams, or at least teams with great names, such as the Frederincton Express, and the Halifax Citadels. His best season came in 1998-1999 with the Ottawa Senators, when he posted the best statistics of any goalie in the league and was voted in to the NHL All-Star game.

He continued his career for many years after that at a high level, retiring in 2004. Among his other accomplishments is the current record for most saves made during a regular-season game, when he stopped 73 pucks in a battle with the also finely named Kelly Hrudey in 1991.

Although he had a few record-setting evenings and was an elite goalie for a few years, for most of his career he was not considered one of the very best at his position and saw many ups and downs during his playing days, even considering retirement after a series of setbacks just a few years before his breakthrough. Regardless, he is remembered warmly in many of the cities he played in, and certainly here at Funny Names Central, where the name Ron Tugnutt is always richly celebrated.

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2 Responses to Ron Tugnutt

  1. Monica Jung says:

    The NFL career of Ron Tugnutt was full of success. He is a talent Goaltender. Now he is work as a coach. Hope he will be a well known coach like as his player career.

  2. It is an informative article. The career of Ron Tugnutt is very glorious. He is also a very lucky person. Because in the earliest career he had got the chance in the famous teal. It helped him so much.

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