Archibald Hall Throckmorton

American legal scholar and former dean of Centre University College of Law.

Nicholas Throckmorton, English Reformation supporter from 16th century England, because no Archibald H. Throckmorton photos were available.

Very little is known about Mr. Throckmorton, aside from his famous writings on legal contracts. He is best known for his two landmark contributions to the field: Illustrative Cases on Contracts and Handbook of the Law of Contracts.

He was also known as a successful dean – re-organizing the school, updating the curriculum, and obtaining new quarters for the school.

There is something special about people who get involved in the legal system who also have funny names. In fact, they comprised two of our first three posts – Outerbridge Horsey and The Honorable Salmon P. Chase.

Unfortunately, no known photos of Mr. Archibald Hall Throckmorton exist, so we are using the picture of Nicholas Throckmorton – a Reformation supporter from 16th century England. It is safe to say that other material from this delightful page of “Crypto-Jews/False Christians” from the All Seeing Eye of Saturn will someday find its way into this blog.

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7 Responses to Archibald Hall Throckmorton

  1. rhijulbec says:

    Betcha talking to this guy about his job would be a bit of a snooze fest eh? (Yes I am a Canuck and we really do say “eh” but we do NOT say “aboot”!

    • Dave says:

      I was born in California, but lived in BC for 10 years and Alberta for 2, and I think that western Canadians say “aboat.” Rob was actually born in BC.

      I wish I could find a picture online of Mr. Throckmorton. It’s hard to imagine talking to the guy when all I can think of is talking to a placeholder picture of Nicholas Throckmorton. Oh well… the name is still pretty awesome!

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  3. Arto says:

    This name is underrated.

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