Faith Popcorn

Faith PopcornFaith Popcorn (born Faith Plotkin) is a famous American futurist – one who predicts future trends – and author of the bestselling book The Popcorn Report.  She has made a living through her writing and marketing consulting company BrainReserve.

Like Shakespeare before her, Popcorn is credited with coining many entirely new terms, including “brailing the culture”, “InCulture”, and “transcouturing.”

Among Popcorn’s more interesting predictions:

  • Advances in genetics allowing people to custom-design pets to resemble their owners
  • Mechanized hugging booths
  • Lingerie infused with “neuro chemicals” to increase the wearer’s confidence

We’re pleased to welcome Faith Popcorn to the Funny Names Hall of Fame.

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  2. Helyne Crawford says:

    The word I’m looking for has about 12+ letters in the word.. In a PE Allen article.

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