Fearne Cotton

If you’re anything like the authors of this blog, you know that sometimes an amusing or unusual name just grabs you. That was the case with me and Fearne Cotton – the name of a famous British TV presenter who has compiled an impressive list of credits before her 30th birthday.

There’s just something special about the name Fearne Cotton, and it’s not just the apparent contradiction of her first name being pronounced “Fern” when everyone knows that cotton is obviously a member of the mallow family.

While I’m a sucker for names like Outerbridge Horsey VII, Ossee Schreckengost, or Zarley Zalapski, there’s something to be said for a 12-letter name that manages to be bold and unusual while simultaneously dignified and understated.

As far as Ms. Cotton herself, here across the pond we haven’t had much exposure to her, but from a cursory Google Image search and some Wikipedia “research,” she seems to be quirky, charismatic, and clearly very popular and successful. She is a pescaterian, an animal lover, an avid jogger, and has 11 tattoos, including one of a fern on her left abdomen.

God bless the internet – where you can claim to know nothing about a person and then moments later talk about her tattoos and dietary habits – and God Save The Queen, so that Fearne Cotton can keep doing her thing and dazzling crumpet-eating audiences for years to come!

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14 Responses to Fearne Cotton

  1. rhijulbec says:

    Hey I see 5 likes here! Yay, getting some attention. Just remember this little guy…well gal…when you are all rich and have thousands of fans okay? Thanks for the response and I like this woman’s name. but you’ve already seen that right? heeheehee

    • Dave says:

      Haha, we won’t forget! At this point you’re still our leading commenter, and you were following us back when our Taffy Nivert article was responsible for about 80% of our hits. Our stats have gotten much more balanced lately because we’re pulling in a lot more reads. Thanks again for all your support!

  2. Trudy says:

    You know what I love? the names that say something…my friends and I used to think them up on lazy summer days:

    Roll call: Is Haywood Jablowme here?
    Is Rhonda World present?
    Justin Time?
    Ima Rishkissme?

    LOL can u think of more?

    • Dave says:

      I have a feeling this could turn into a comment with a lot of responses. Let’s see, I’m just coming up with some off the top of my head:

      Tom Morrow
      Sarah Tonin
      Seymour Butts is a famous one
      Frank Lee
      Bob N Weaver

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll post more when I come up with them.

  3. Dave, this is hilarious, well written (and f-in a as a side note I am in love with this bird now) funniest line from my perspective “…it’s not just the apparent contradiction of her first name being pronounced “Fern” when everyone knows that cotton is obviously a member of the mallow family.” That is clever and rates a “show Lil’ Mouse later” (not, obviously, an actual cash prize or anything[but for what it’s worth]) I have to keep wheeling up an checking out that pic of Fearne, do you think she would marry me for a couple hours? Anyway nother great post…long years ago now I use to play in punk bands, some of the names we used
    (me) Phil Harmonic, Joe Neric
    (others) Rita Book, Luke Warm Water, Artie Mann, Harry Owen, Mal Kuntent, tht’s bout as far as my memory takes me this morning.
    However I like unusual given names like the ones you dig up, pretty interesting and clever idea…
    So I had a great Aunt named Pheobe Crebe, just thought I’d pass that one along

    • Dave says:

      Thank you! I really enjoyed the line you quoted when I wrote it. Then I was thinking of taking it out for being too out-there, but it just had to stay.

      I’m not sure what Fearne’s marital status is, but I can give you a good letter of recommendation from one of the founders of the Funny Names Blog, if that helps any 🙂

      Those are some great names! I wish you guys had gotten famous enough for us to put them on one of our posts. I may do it anyway if the opportunity presents itself and it’s okay with you.

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  6. rosyroland says:

    Obviously looked for anyone called Rosy first because…. Narcissism. Then went looking for the Brits. Saw Ed Balls and died inside a little but then saw Ferne Cotton and was less embarrassed. Thanks for liking my recent post! This is such a terrific idea for a blog – I’m going to add it to my “ways to avoid essays” list. Thanks!

    • Dave says:

      Yay! I’m so glad! We’ve been at it for several years now, and we’re still going strong! As long as the essays eventually get written, then we’re glad to be around… we just don’t want to distract you too much!

      • rosyroland says:

        Read this and thought “huh – essays?”….. That is how far out of my mind they are. The best thing about an odd name is knowing that they were born to parents who looked at them and thought “yes. This child is SUCH a John Johnson.”

    • Dave says:

      As for “Rosy”, we have featured a Rosalind before (Rosalind Russell… frankly one of our not-too-funny names), and I’m sure there’s a Rosy just around the corner!

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