Jubjang Lookmakarmwan

Believe it or not, this is the first Asian name we have ever featured on the Funny Names Blog, but what a name it is!

Naruemol “Jubjang Lookmakarmwan” Ubuabon is the most recent member in the illustrious line of hilariously named boxers from Thailand – a list that also includes former pound-for-pound stalwart Pongsaklek Wonjongkam. Another member of this list, Pornsawan Kratingdaenggym, apparently decided that his name was too complicated and recently changed it to Pornsawan Porpramook. Once again, it’s the little things that count, folks!

Good old Jubjang isn’t actually all that old – she was born in 1990 and has already fought for two world titles.

Unfortunately, she came up short both times, but it seems there’s still a lot of fight left in the super bantamweight boxer.

Jubjang Lookmakarmwan (left) in a stare-down with champion Alesia Graf. Why don’t any other fields employ this awesome photo-op strategy?

Longtime Funny Names Blog readers may know we have a boxing fan among our three writers. For the newer readers, that person is Dave. Other things to know about Dave are that he enjoys wearing red jackets, having pictures taken of him holding brains, and writing about himself in third person. Them’s the facts!

Does it seem like I’m stalling in this post? Well, I am.

This is because I could hardly find any English-language coverage of this young lady. The only two things I know are that she’s the first Google search recommendation that appears when you type “Jubjang” (oddly enough, Google stopped giving me recommendations four letters into the name “Pornsawan Kratingdaenggym”) and that her birth name is Naruemol Ubuabon. I’m not sure why she decided to change her name, but whatever the reason, we appreciate it. We hope to hear more about Jubjang in the near future!

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2 Responses to Jubjang Lookmakarmwan

  1. Margarita says:

    Perhaps she took on a professional name honoring her teacher and/or lineage? A time-honored practice in many of the Asian arts.

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