Danbert Nobacon

Danbert Nobacon

I really hope it’s pronounced No-bacon instead of Noba-con. This man deserves some benefit of the doubt in the pronunciation department!

Welcome dear readers! Last Friday, when I announced the tragic news that everyone’s favorite funny-named band, Chumbawumba, had broken up, I promised that I’d be back on Monday with a post about a very special individual – none other than former Chumbawumba vocalist Danbert Nobacon.

I’m sure there aren’t enough Chumbawumba fans remaining in the world to hold me to that promise, but what can I say, I’m a man of my word.

So, it appears, is Danbert.

Most people make bets with their friends that they’ll do something crazy, but it takes a special individual to actually follow through on a dare to pour a jar of ice water over a prominent British politician while declaring “This is for the Liverpool Dockers.”

What people may not realize is that people with names like Danbert Nobacon, who do things like that, are the lifeblood of this blog.  We try our best to be humor writers, but guys like Danbert make it so…much…easier!

In recent years, as though his name and antics weren’t confusing enough, he has decided to describe himself as a transvestite, and has picked up a new habit. What is his habit? Well, it’s a nun’s habit, and he wears it so frequently during live performances, that you might even call it a habit. (I’m sorry. Sincerely.)

Though he now lives in the delightfully-named Twisp, Washington (population 919), across the border from my old hometown in Canada, he continues to record, tour, and produce fascinating art. In 2007, he released an album called The Library Book of the World, with The Pine Valley Cosmonauts as his backing band.

Then, a few years later, he began working on an “anarchist fairy tale” called Three Dead Princes. The book was published by Exterminating Angel Press, and came off the presses just in time for the tour celebrating the release of his 2010 album Woebegone.

The first single from this album was, appropriately enough, “Johnny Woebegone.”  I swear, this Danbert Nobacon guy just lives, eats, and breathes funny names. I feel like we should make him our mascot or something. Hmm… funny that I bring that up:

Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our Chumbawumba coverage for… well, probably forever, unless Boff Whalley decides to do something awesome soon. Hope you enjoyed it!

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14 Responses to Danbert Nobacon

  1. Danbert has the potential to be an excellent mascot.

  2. Stagger X says:

    Chumbawumba, being anarchists and environmentalists, and Nobacon being a chosen name….I’ll have to assume it’s pronounced No Bacon and he’s a vegetarian.

  3. Arto says:

    This post raised an important question. What is the mascot of the Albany Patroons? A google search revealed it may have been a 54-year old man dressed as a panda bear, which sounds about right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NykF3DOChy0

    • Dave says:

      Haha, the first 15 seconds of that video – where you hear that beautiful soul music and realize that the panda is indeed their mascot – has been the highlight of my day so far. To be fair, it’s been a pretty slow day 🙂

  4. mynameisntbitsie says:

    I think that there should be several mascots, but Outerbridge Horsey the 7th and his dogs should be one of the chosen few!

  5. t.a. says:

    I vote for Danbert and Outerbridge as co-mascots.

  6. It’s No Bacon…it just is. This guy would be a good mascot for one reason…He is a funny name magnet!

  7. rich1698 says:

    I vote for Danbert Nobacon

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  10. mikey1965uk says:

    That photo is not Danbert Nobacon that’s​ Dunston from Chumbawamba 😏

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