2012 Olympics: More Funny, Strange, and Hilarious Names

We have Olympic fever here at Funny Names HQ!

But in true funny names blog fashion, we’re really not as interested in swimmers like Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps as much as the opportunity to get to watch sports like trampolining and equestrian dressage.

Oh yes, and the opportunity to see some fantastic names on the world’s stage. Some Olympians have names that are a tad weird, others are overwhelmingly awesome, but one thing that’s certain is that many athletes at this Olympics are not only representing their countries, but also the entire funny name-loving universe.

We’ve recently covered many great Olympic names here and here, but with this post, we hope to set a new personal record by highlighting over 40 of our favorites.

  • Joel Redhead, who might be better referred to as Joel Floatinghead

    In the “Family-friendly anatomical names” category, we have Kiwi rower Michael Arms, Dutch equestrian Tim Lips, and Grenadan track stars Amanda Redhead and Joel Redhead, neither of whom are gingers

  • As far as the “not-so-family-friendly anatomical names” category, there are French swimmer Fanny Babou, the hockey Butt trifecta – Pakistanis Rehan Butt & Imran Butt and German Linas Butt. Other members of this category include Canadian trampolinist Karen Cockburn, Canadian swimmer Victoria Poon, and British swimmer Liam Tancock
  • In the “I Hope This Name is Apt” category, we have Australian boxer Ibrahim Balla, Brazilian soccer player Hulk, Kiwi cyclist Jack Bauer, and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt
  • In the “I Hope This Name isn’t Apt” category, there’s French hammer thrower Quentin Bigot, French rhythmic gymnast Carole Peon, U.S. Volleyballer Destinee Hooker, American synchronized swimmer Mary Killman, and Canadian track athlete Gavin Smellie
  • In the “Consumables” category, there’s South African track star Willem de Beer, British handballer Kathryn Fudge, Dutch rower Sjoerd Hamburger, and British judo guy Colin Oates… all of whom will be consumed by German discus-thrower Markus Munch.
  • In the “Names that are repetitive and repeat themselves” category, we’ve got Egyptian wrestler Mohamed Mohamed and his countryman/soccer star Mohamed Mohamed, Chinese trampolinist Dong Dong and Mexican diver German Sanchez Sanchez
  • The “Onomatopoeia” category is populated by such greats as Dutch cyclist Lars Boom and Ecuadorian track star Rosa Chacha

We love the name Sparkle McKnight, and apparently the feeling is mutual!

And frankly, there are just some names that must be listed in their full glory. The contradictorily-named “Names That Defy Categorization Category” includes:

  • Indian badmintonner (hey, Shakespeare invented words too!) Diju V
  • Brazilian rower Kissya da Costa
  • Chinese shooter Yu Du
  • American hurdler Lolo Jones
  • Bahrainian track star Shitaye Eshete
  • British basketball player Pops Mensah-Bonsu
  • The legendary Trinidadian track athlete Sparkle Mcknight
  • and once again, the entire US Women’s basketball team.

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31 Responses to 2012 Olympics: More Funny, Strange, and Hilarious Names

  1. I think unfortunately for Joel, it looks more like a mug shot

  2. Tim Lips and Sparkle McKnight are my favorites.

  3. Jamie says:

    Australian table tennis player, Miao Miao ,( pronounced Meow Meow) and swimmer Mojca Sagmeister of Slovenia

  4. amb says:

    My favourite is winter Olympian Picabo Street!

  5. Guy says:

    FYI, Pops Mensah-Bonsu is basketball player for GB not a soccer player.

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  7. Thomas says:

    I think the Olympic gold medal as far as names are concerned probably goes to the South Korean pole-vaulter Kim Yoo Suk. I want to know what his fans chant when he wins…

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  9. sunjiev says:

    What about the German girl in the 3m springboard diving Katja Dieckow. When its pronounced it sounds like cut ya diek ov

    • Dave says:

      That is a good one! Stay tuned for another Olympic update or two this week, and I think there’s a good chance she’ll make the cut (so to speak 🙂 )

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  11. xhyryxza says:

    “Spandy Andy bellyflops into the fountain outside Buckingham Palace in a tiny budgy smuggler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXd3ht3xDeY

  12. tim vanspauwen says:

    What about Brent Newdick decathlon new zealand or Kim yoo suk pole vault south korea

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  14. As always, thanks for the laughs!

  15. The head coach of the Netherlands men’s field hockey team is none other than Paul van Ass.

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