(My thoughts: That was a fun post. Wanted to repay one of our favorite readers and commenters, Amber from Words Become Superfluous, who is celebrating her 100th post tomorrow and generously invited me to be part of her “100th Post-a-Palooza”. It’s my first guest post ever, so I wanted to make it good. My topic was: Cornelius Crane “Chevy” Chase. I also threw in the picture of me with a guitar because guys with guitars is a running theme in Amber’s blog posts 🙂

We’ll be back tomorrow with another edition of Funny Names In the News, and rest assured there’ll be some good new Olympic names on that list. It’s like an endless reservoir of funny names!)

words become superfluous

Did my swooning give the game away? Were you able to guess my plans for 100th Post-a-palooza Eve?

Dave writes at The Blog of Funny Names along with his best friend Arto and his brother Rob. The three of them are funny men with fantastic vocabularies, so naturally, I love them all. Dave, however, has earned the distinction of being my favourite because in addition to his wonderful wordplay… he has excellent taste in television. Since I’ve started following his blog I’ve discovered that we share the same favourite tv shows, including a little-known drama that’s slated for an upcoming edition of My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of.

So, much like I did with the lovely Angie back in June, I cyber-stalked politely emailed Dave and asked him to contribute a guest post here at Words Become Superfluous. Needless to say, and he was a little freaked out…

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Based out of San Diego, California. Co-founder of the Blog of Funny Names. funnynamesblog.wordpress.com
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  1. Congratulations on your first guest blog. Can’t wait to read more of them.

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