Biola Bankole

Apparently Louis CK is also a Mexican citizen. The things you learn while blogging about funny names!

So I was watching the awesome comedy show Louie (starring brilliant stand-up comedian Louis CK, real name Louis Szekely) the other day, and the credits began to roll. Overcoming my initial sadness, I realized that – while most people will spend the credits falling asleep or figuring out what to watch next – this presented a goldmine of opportunities to add material to the Funny Names Blog.
And there it was. In brilliant, shiny, glowing white letters, reaching out like a supernatural force emanating from the TV screen:

Biola Bankole

Could a Biola by any other name be so awesome?

I did some Google search research, and found that, though it’s hard to find photos that are definitively Biola Bankole, this person is actually quite the prolific production assistant, with 21 separate production assistant credits to his or her name.

So now, the question is, who is the real Biola Bankole?

Biola is also the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Source: Rob, and dozens of Price is Right episodes

Is it this Nigerian Aluminum magnate who works with Otunba Olusola Adekanola?

Is it the Facebook user and recent college graduate who describes herself as “a chillied person and that’s all there is 2 it”?

How about the person known as Biola Bankole Jones?

The world may never know. But perhaps our enlightened readers may know the truth. Any shrewd detective work will be greatly appreciated.



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6 Responses to Biola Bankole

  1. Now you sure you didn’t do the Google research? 🙂 Marti (I thought Google meant research)

  2. amb says:

    Of course you watch Louie! I should stop being surprised by now – we should just run our own cable network already.

  3. Bukola Ojo says:

    Pray tell, what is funny about the name Biola Bankole?

  4. sup says:

    You idiot! Biola Bankole is as strange to a white person as Dave is to a Nigerian. Expand your horizon and learn how to use google properly!!!

    • Dave says:

      We’ve posted on this topic before – cultural sensitivity in funny names. Plus, we’re here to celebrate unique names, not belittle them. Be careful before calling someone an idiot.

  5. Biola Bankole says:

    Hello Dave!
    How very random, my daughter came accross this post about me today!
    I am a real person and a Production Accountant (not production assistant).
    That’s all folks!


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