Sampson Lewkowicz Teaser

Hello Funny Names Lovers,

I’m in the final stretch of a ridiculous period where I’ve had to write no fewer than 85 secondary application “essays” for medical school in a two week span. (I put “essays” in quotes because some of them have 500 character limits, but being concise can be even harder than being verbose).

I’m putting the finishing touches on five essays tonight, so I don’t have time for much of a post.

Instead, I’ll leave you with this photo of legendary boxing manager Sampson Lewkowicz (taken outside of last week’s extraordinary Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. megafight – hey, even medical school applicants deserve some fun!), and I promise you I’ll deliver an excellent post about Sampson next week. He’s an impressive guy!

How can you not appreciate a guy named Sampson Lewkowicz who is willing to put a phone call on hold just to take a photo with you?

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10 Responses to Sampson Lewkowicz Teaser

  1. A photo with a real live funny name…it does’t get better than that my friend. Good luck with your school work, something tells me you will exceed expectation.

  2. Liz says:

    good luck with the essays–fortunately, you’re a most excellent writer:-)

  3. Good luck with the essays, you will do well. Can’t wait to read next week’s post.

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