Debi Derryberry

Our second Derryberry (our first being former Oklahoma Attorney General Larry Derryberry) is Debi Derryberry (born September 27, 1967). While she loses out to Larry in rhyme, she has him outfoxed in alliteration. And all are aware alliteration amazes all…aardvarks. Sorry for calling you all aardvarks, our dear readers. I really don’t mean it. It just happens to start with ‘A’ and I was tired of trying to think of something clever. So aardvarks it is.

Anyway, back to the Ben and Jerry-esque name of Debi Derryberry (can you imagine how fast “Verry Derryberry” would fly out of those grocery store freezers?)  Yes, the second ‘r’ in very was intentional. Sales would probably plummet if they took it out.

Jimmy Neutron and Debi Derryberry. (Thanks to – Photo credit: Chris Ameruoso; Jimmy Neutron image courtesy of Nickelodeon.)

Anyway, let’s get back on track. Debi Derryberry is an accomplished American voice actress who won an American Anime Award. Among characters she has voiced are Jimmy Neutron of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius fame, Wednesday Addams in the animated version of the Addams Family, and the little brother of Taz on Taz-Mania, among many others. She is currently focusing on a children’s music career. One of her CDs is titled “Very Derryberry.” She and I obviously disagree on the whole extra ‘r’ thing.

Derryberry is also an animal advocate, and even hosted a fundraiser for the benefit of orangutans as an endangered species.

It is unknown whether she is a big fan of aardvarks.

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  1. Now that’s funny. It’s a good thing they don’t charge extra for the consonants.

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