Green Gartside

It ain’t easy being Green! (But it is easy to come up with captions for photos of a person named Green)

Children of the 80’s (or just vintage music buffs like myself) may recognize Green Gartside as the lead singer and longtime frontman of the popular British pop group Scritti Politti.

Mr. Gartside attended Croesyceiliog School in Cwmbrân. With names like Croesyceiliog and Cwmbrân, it should surprise no one that the school was in Wales. However, what you may be surprised by is the fact that a band ultimately known for its smooth 80’s pop songs like Perfect Way was originally a left-wing post-punk outfit.

Oh, the things you learn when researching funny-named folks!

While best known for the many funny-named chart toppers released during their prime in the mid-80’s, including Wood Beez (Pray for Aretha Franklin), The Word Girl, and Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry for Loverboy), Scritti Politti actually charted songs way into the new millennium, with 1999’s Tinseltown to the Boogiedown being the band’s most recent top 50 hit in the UK.

Though a panic attack Gartside suffered while touring early in his career may have stalled the band’s success somewhat (although to be fair, I’d probably have an anxiety attack too if I were talented enough to be touring with Joy Division and Gang of Four), the band has kept going, still cranking out albums and singles 35 years after the band’s formation in 1977.

“Scritti Politti!?!? That sounds like the name of a band that will last for decades.” – No one ever

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7 Responses to Green Gartside

  1. Way to get to the nitty gritty of Scritti Politti.

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Funny how just hearing those sounds brings a person back. I could smell the funky carpet smell of where my high school had dances. Wasn’t a big fan of high school, but love those ’80s! Though the question remains: what were those videos about? weird

  3. kerbey says:

    I had never heard his name before, even though I was quite an avid “Star Hits” mag reader in the 80s, which was full of Scritti Politti articles. At first I thought of the Drew Barrymore movie “Grey Gardens” and then Anne of Green Gables, but now I understand. I am perplexed bc the pic above makes me wonder why cute boys in the 80s look, in retrospect, like modern-day lesbians, w/ hair and makeup more appropriate for Ellen. And listening to that video, he sounded a lot like El Debarge, which is even more disturbing.

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