“Orvie” You’re Sure The Gravy!

Over all our time writing this silly blog, we have never enshrined anyone named Overall. It’s a shame, really, given that overalls are one of the funniest garments ever invented (my deepest, deepest apologies to our overall-wearing readers – we love you!).

Well, now is the time to induct an Overall. And Orval Overall (1881-1947) is our man. Born in Farmersville, California (how fitting), Overall became a dominant big-league hurler and member of the early-1900s Chicago Cubs dynasty. Orval Overall still remains the last person to stand on the mound for the last out of a World Series clincher for the Cubbies.

Orval's the man.

Orval’s the man.

Overall, Overall amassed a 108-71 won-loss record with a sparkling 2.23 ERA and 935 strikeouts. Orval was also a pivotal member of the Cubs’ back-to-back championship seasons in 1907 and 1908.

After his career ended, Overall was the vice-president and manager of a bank.

He was also featured in a great cartoon in 1907: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Tkt_A2r1p6I/SUPW9NbiGfI/AAAAAAAAEHY/7pnNolOtrws/s1600-h/herriman052107.png

Orvie you’re sure the gravy!

Yes, gravy he is. Or something.

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6 Responses to “Orvie” You’re Sure The Gravy!

  1. Liz says:

    Orval Overall. Really? These names always beg the Q: What were the parents thinking?

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  3. Overall, a great post. I kill me!

  4. marksackler says:

    One of the great baseball names of all time. And even as I have suggested this name, I did not know about his role in the 1908 World Series. Thanks for that!

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