Princes, Vigilantes, Warriors, Miracles, and Toilets: Funny Names in the News, Volume 26

Alright folks, a lot of material, so I’ll do this rapid-fire!

Steven Seagal has been brought in as part of notorious sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse, which understandably shines light on his wife, actress Erdenetuya Batsukh.

Anyone with the skill, flamboyance, and all-around awesomeness to pull off this ring entrance attire deserves the nickname "Macho" indeed!

Anyone with the skill, flamboyance, and all-around awesomeness to pull off this ring entrance attire deserves the nickname “Macho” indeed!

We are very excited to announce that our old pals, Critter Fuqua and the Old Crow Medicine Show, have won a Grammy award for “Best Long Form Music Video” for their collaboration with Mumford and Sons & Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for their film Big Easy Express. Congrats to them, as well as director Emmett Malloy!

Not new news, but news nonetheless… we recently found out that Name Curator – former author of a fairly fantastic blog about names – gave us a very kind shout out in his final post this past December. Big thanks to him, and props for putting the name of the recently deceased Hector “Macho” Camacho front and center in his blog’s background! We wish him the best in his future endeavors!

Our fantastic Pacific Northwest correspondent Fannie Cranium brings us this delightful tale of age-defying retribution. The appropriately-named 82-year-old Terry Miracle tackled burglary suspect Morgan Perry Bluehorse, age 27, while the latter was in the act. Talk about a miracle! If I even make it to 82, that’ll be a miracle of its own right!
Our loyal scatological correspondent Arto brings us a fantastic account of Chevenee Reavis and Matt Damon (name bolded because he’s famous, not because it’s particularly funny), who are planning a bathroom strike to make people, quote, “give a shit about toilets. Most likely some sort of environmental awareness move, so we applaud them for their efforts, even if their approach seems a tad peculiar.

*swoon* - Not amb, surprisingly

“*swoon*” – Not amb, surprisingly

The Funny Names Blog’s showbiz and all-around Canada correspondent Amb notes that Tristram Shapeero got a boost from our post and is set to direct a Joel McHale-Robin Williams Christmas movie, which sounds like all kinds of awesome! Amber decided to caption this link with The Funny Names Blog: Making Careers and Taking Unwarranted Credit since 2011, to which I say… who are we to decide that we don’t deserve credit!? 😉

On to sports, where Amb brings another story that has had South Africa rapt, and in the process, makes Oscar Pistorius the first person (I believe) (errata: second person, behind Nonito Donaire) to ever make two FNITN columns. However, it’s not for the right reasons. The former Olympian is suspected of murdering his girlfriend. We take no sides on this issue, but just hope that justice is delivered correctly and promptly, and we’re sorry to hear of the events surrounding this story.

On to more appropriate sports stories, the rugged veteran boxer Delvin Rodriguez will be fighting George Tahdooahnippah on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights. The bout will be Rodriguez’s 15th appearance on the show, which is remarkable and probably some sort of record. Few, if any, boxers get 15 televised appearances, let alone on the same program.

In other boxing news, we send a heartfelt RIP to boxing writer Lint Baldwin, former member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. We wish him and his family the best.

Onto America’s favorite pastime – drinking! – where Fannie introduces us to Dragan Radulovic and Nigel Lassiter, the owners of Outlander Brewery and Pub, who made the news last night in Seattle.  They use a one barrel system (two kegs) to create hand-crafted ales. (Note: my old beer drinking pals know me as a a believer in the one-barrel system too… one barrel of beer and I’m done for the night 🙂 )  Imagine… peanut butter and chocolate! Fannie notes that they don’t

This guy could do no wrong. Let us know your thoughts in the comments :)

This guy could do no wrong. I hope you agree with us!

normally do the same beer twice, and that their food menu includes beer infused items. She also asks “With names like Dragan and Nigel, how can they go wrong?” In my opinion, there’s no way they can! Oh, and if theyre interested in repaying us for the free publicity, we will gladly accept beer as a form of payment. 🙂 Please post all inquiries in the comments section and we will reply promptly if beer is involved.

Finally, on a more personal note, this 23-year-old music video from Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor is still awesome. It has been years since I watched it (perhaps the last time was during Arto’s and my Prince phase back in college… seriously, the guy could do no wrong in our eyes back in 2005-07), but the single-shot close up creates a powerful video-watching experience. Plus, the song was penned by Prince. Perhaps more appropriate for yesterday’s Valentine’s Day proceedings, but Amb and Liz took care of that one 🙂

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13 Responses to Princes, Vigilantes, Warriors, Miracles, and Toilets: Funny Names in the News, Volume 26

  1. amb says:

    There’s so much goodness in this post that I just … I mean, I can’t even … I’m just going to stop talking and go look at that picture of Joel again. Happy Friday all!

  2. Liz says:

    once again I know so much more after reading your funny-names-in-the-news post than I did before I read your funny-names-in-the-news post. Prince is an odd duck, but he’s Minneapolis folk and has the guitar-playing thing down quite well 😉 Thanks for the news update. Love how you work your “correspondent” crowd, spreading the wealth:-)

  3. This is why I love FNITN Fridays. How do you pronounce George Tahdooahnippah’s last name?

  4. Arto says:

    Now that’s a FNITN roundup. Chock full of weird, funny, wonderful and amusing names (and Matt Damon) and odd stories to match.

    To let Amb off the hook, I’m the one who distanced our blog from taking credit for Tristram’s career boost. But you’re right, there’s no proof that it *wasn’t* us.

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