Stay Tuned

Have a final in my Diseases of the Nervous System class this morning. Post will be up this afternoon if I get around to it.

Until then, read about this guy:

Even cooler than science Gosling!

Even cooler than science Gosling! (Psst…. don’t tell Amb I said that!)

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5 Responses to Stay Tuned

  1. amb says:

    Such good luck! (We’ll talk about that whole “cooler than Science Gosling” thing later) xo.

  2. Good luck with your final!

  3. paralaxvu says:

    Ramon y Cajal was a very interesting man. I especially liked this: “Cajal was a liberal in politics, an evolutionist in philosophy, an agnostic in religion.” Much luck with your exam. I’m sure you’ll do fine!

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