Funny Names in the NFL Draft 2013

I am about to commit the ultimate heresy as a 50-year keeper and chronicler of baseball funny names.

This post is about funny names in football,  which I admit concede nothing to baseball in this post-post-modern era. One has simply to look at just a few of the names in the recent history of the game to get the drift.  Plaxico Burress. Osi Umenyiora. Mathias Kiwanuka. Santana MossD’Brickashaw Ferguson.  And this list is only a partial accounting of the unusual and funny names that have passed through just one NFL city–New York–over the past decade.

The NFL draft begins tomorrow evening.  We would be remiss in not giving it its due.  Further, we will involve you, the reader in a stirring competition: a poll to pick the funniest name in the 2013 NFL draft.  So without further banter, here are the nominees for Funniest Name in the 2013 NFL draft.

The nominees  (listed in the order they are likely to go in the draft):

  1. Barkeveious Mingo, Defensive End, LSU.   Mingo is widely regarded as one of the top defensive ends in the draft. with many mock drafts projecting him as a top ten first round pick, and almost all of them putting him in the top 15.
    Barkevious Mingo. (Pick me! Pick me!)

    Barkevious Mingo.
    (Pick me! Pick me!)

    Too bad, because my beloved NY Giants, picking 19th, could use his skill and his awesome name to replace the departed Osi Umenyiora.  Oh, and if the name Barkevious isn’t enough, he has two older brothers named Hugh and Hughtevious.  If the latter was in the NFL, too–what a pair that would make!

  2. Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle, Utah.  Another defensive lineman likely to be selected in the first 15 selections of the first round, he will join a handful of other NFL players born in the Kingdom of Tonga.  (Other Tongans in the NFL include Deuce LuteiHaloti Ngata and Naufahu Tahi among others.  The place is a veritable font of funny names.) His family moved to Utah when he was nine and he has been there ever since.  It is also noteworthy that he added to his funny named glory by marrying one Fuiva Hola.
  3. Manti Te’o,  Inside Linebacker, Notre Dame.  This poor guy. If he didn’t get enough press for being victimized by an insensitive prank, now he gets victimized by his name.  But we consider this an honor, even if he doesn’t.  Te’o led Notre Dame’s strong defense to the national championship game in January of this year.  He is a likely choice for the latter stages of the first round or early in the second round.  Manti is Hawaiian, and he’s got some other funny names in the family:  mother Ottilia, sister Tiare and brother Manessah.  Well, they’re funny if you’re not Hawaiian.
  4. Cornellius Carradine,  Defensive End, Florida State.  A probable second-rounder, Carradine was only slated for honorable mention on my original list.  But then I read the Corneli are Never Superfluous Truism and realized this guy had to be in the fight.  The only detraction is that his nickname is “Tank.”  Heck, why ruin an awesome name like Cornellius with a rather hackneyed nickname? Oh well, after baseball hall-of-famer Cornelius McGillicuddy, A.K.A. Connie Mack, the name Cornelius should have been retired from all sports, even if spelled with two l’s.
  5. Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Cornerback, Connecticut.  You have to help me on this.  I can’t decide if this name would be funnier if it was just Blidi Wreh.  Does the -Wilson help or hurt here?  You, the voters must decide.  Hey, there is less bio information online about this guy, so I had to say something besides just “GO UCONN!” (Oh yeah, “Go UCONN.” My wife and daughter are both alums.)
  6. Bacarri Rambo, Safety, Georgia. Wow!  There really is somebody named Rambo in real life–and with a better first name!  I’m also guessing he is probably more dangerous on a football field than Sylvester Stallone. Like Wreh-Wilson, he is projected for about the third round–he probably would be rated higher if not for a drug suspension last year.

Honorable mentions…Shariff FloydD.J. FlukerChance WarmackLuke JaeckelEzekial AnsahDarius Slay…the list goes on and on, and that’s just in the first two rounds.

We can make a couple of observations from the above, both possibly fodder for Funny Names Theory.  First, the best funny names tend toward the higher rounds in the draft and second, funny names tend to run in the family, at least with football players.  The voting begins now and will run through next Wednesday.  The results will be announced in next week’s Funny Names in the News.  As Al Capone said, vote early and vote often;  there is no limit.  (This means you can vote as many times as you like.)

So tell us… who would you pick? (based only on their name)

(Note: for baseball related posts and other mental effluvia, check out my own blog,  The Millennium Conjectures.)

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45 Responses to Funny Names in the NFL Draft 2013

  1. curtisclontz says:

    Reblogged this on TKCsports and commented:
    Welcome to Draft Day! Who will be drafted first Manti or his girlfriend? Is the USC kid worthy of a 1st round? Do the Jets forfeit the entire draft? Do the Bengals only draft convicts? TBD but in the mean time check out these funny names you may hear called tonight.

  2. marksackler says:

    Reblogged this on The Millennium Conjectures(tm) and commented:

    Here is my newest opus on The Blog of Funny Names. My apologies to those of you who are not North American sports fans. You have my permission to skip this one–and miss all the fun.

  3. amb says:

    I have to go with Cornellius, of course 😉

    • marksackler says:

      Minog! Mingo! Mingo! (Try changing “Barkevious! Barkevious!” Barkevious” or saying it 5 times fast! Your tongue will cramp).

      • amb says:

        Lol! It’s too bad my parents are travelling right now, I could score major points with my dad for actually knowing some of these names. Knowing something about football, on the other hand …

    • marksackler says:

      Oh, and you will love this: He is not even the only Cornelius (Cornellius, Korneulious, Corndogelius?) to be ranked in the top 100. I just noticed Cornelius Washington as a possible second rounder. What has Funny Name Theory wrought?

  4. Wreh! Lol. It just rolls off the tongue so easily lol. I love this post.

  5. Dave says:

    This post is already setting the comment threads (and hits) on fire. Well done Mark! I put in my vote for Mingo (how could I not… that name has been in my mind (and my inbox) for weeks now)!

  6. Since Mercury wasn’t really Eugene Edward Morris’ first name, I guess he doesn’t really count. I do remember my mom questioning whether “Mercury” was his first or last name. She asked the same question about baseball’s Ferguson Jenkins. How can a dog lover pick anyone other than Barkevious Mingo? Star Lotulelei does come in as a close second since I have a canine niece named “LeiLei”.

  7. marksackler says:

    I have a houseful of dogs and hadn’t even thought of that. Shame on me! I think we might consider naming our next new mutt, Barkevious. 😀

  8. What a great post. Can’t wait for the FNITN results next week.

  9. I had to go with Barkevious too – but only because Rambo’s first name isn’t Bacardi.

  10. Arto says:

    Barkeveious, brother of Hughtevious – It’s like reading a funnier version of Lord of the Rings. And Mingo – Mingo! That’s comedy gold. I vote for Mingo four hundred times.

  11. danielmullin81 says:

    Hilarious. Have you seen this Key and Peele spoof?

  12. Liz says:

    Am feeling like I missed the party as I just got here now–why on earth didn’t the post show up in my inbox this morning? boo hoo. Better late than never and a good read–post and comments!

  13. Oh, this is just great. Personally I wonder why the name “Vinny Testaverde” was never converted in the New York consciousness to Vinny Greenballs (said with Brooklyn accent). There are definitely football names, as there are baseball, golf, basketball names. Great roundup. Go, Barkevious — a FABULOUS name for a rescued pitbull, by the way. :0)

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  15. We had to vote for Mingo as he’s going to the Cleveland Browns…and his name is funny. However, my favorite of all time is the player for Jacksonville who had “He Hate Me” on the back of his jersey. Can’t beat that, with a stick or otherwise.

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  17. veda7 says:

    I would pick Mingo of course what a name.

  18. beebeesworld says:

    I am following your blog-thanks for reading mine. if you are not following it, I invite you to do so! Best wishes, beebeesworld

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