Rob with a Mullet ain’t half as good as Hipolito Pichardo

So apparently Rob decided that taking a vacation with his pops to see a ton of the best baseball stadiums on the east coast was reason enough to skip his regularly-scheduled BoFN duties for the THIRD week in a row. (I’m just guessing… it could be months for all I know).

So in true BoFN style, I’ve decided to commemorate the occasion by posting an awesome picture of Rob, much like I did with Arto on Friday (even though Arto did nothing wrong… this time).

Regular readers may recognize Rob as the fancy-pants litigation consultant who pulls in big bucks doing financial analysis for lawsuits and legal cases, but what you may not know is…

Rob is a Mullet Enthusiast!

A mullet... it's not just a type of fish

A mullet… it’s not just a type of fish. It was Rob’s hairdo back in Christmas 2006

You see, although Rob has profiled his appreciation of the comedic value of the mullet (is it a fish or a hairdo?) in his most popular post ever, his appreciation runs much deeper. He rocked a mullet hairdo during Christmas season 2006-07, and his hip looking father chilled in the background wearing a Charlie Brown-themed shirt and reading some unquestionably riveting piece of literature, most likely on the merits of gallium arsenide diodes in a silicon wafer manufacturing plant.

What can I say… I had an awesome childhood.

My job today is to remind our absentee Wednesday columnist that no matter how many ballparks he visits, he will still be no Hipolito Antonio (Balbina) Pichardo, former Major League pitcher who retired with a 50-44 record. I’m all for supporting Rob’s dreams, but Hipolito is in a class all his own.

Enjoy your Wednesday, BoFN fans!

Hipolito Pichardo

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10 Responses to Rob with a Mullet ain’t half as good as Hipolito Pichardo

  1. Wow! I thought that the “Mullet Enthusiast” was a thing of past. The mullet lives on (sadly).

  2. amb says:

    This is perfect. Rob was teasing me this morning, and now I have some ammunition of my own! So many mullet jokes, so little time …

  3. Obviously writing for this blog has been a hair-curling experience for Rob.

  4. Liz says:

    remind me never to forget to post, Dave! Or forget to post three times in a row anyway. Brotherly love… It’s the curls that get me. Were they natural? He looks like he’s on his way to audition for a boy band 😉 Rocking the mullet indeed. Happy 4th to all 🙂

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