Happy Independence Day! Vote Toward a More Funny-Named Union!

One of my more heartfelt posts, plus the chance to vote for the funniest political names of all time. Happy 4th!

The Blog of Funny Names

Happy July 4th to our readers around the world, and happy Independence Day to our readers in the good ol’ U.S. of A.!

This is a deviation from our usual posts for three reasons:

1. Ever the innovator, Rob decided to get his Independence Day hangover a day early and asked me (Dave) to fill in for his usual Wednesday post. *Just kidding, he’s a teetotaler (a funny name for someone who chooses not to drink), but I am covering for him today. Rob will be back tomorrow with a post about a guy who enjoys washing dishes.

2. In recognition of the institution of Democracy, we’re opening up several polls to you, our enlightened readers, to help select some funny-named highlights of American history! The best part (especially for our fans around the globe) is that you don’t need to fill out a lengthy registration form, stand in line…

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