Willard Wigan

Today’s reblog Throwback Thursdays style – Willard Wigan, miniature artist!

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Willard Wigan is a micro-sculptor. That means he makes sculptures that are really really tiny. It also means he has a great, alliterative funny name, which earns him a spot in the Funny Names Hall of Fame, right here on this internet web page.

When I said he makes really tiny sculptures, I meant really tiny. You need a microscope to see them. His materials include grains of sand and spider’s cobwebs. He told CBS News a few years ago he could make his art as small as “five microns”. For those of us who live in a reality where that isn’t particularly descriptive,that’s the size of a tip of a human hair. So yeah, this guy works with some tiny instruments.

Wigan didn’t always work small. His early work, unseen by the public, allegedly includes a life size statue of Mike Tyson. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Tyson is among…

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3 Responses to Willard Wigan

  1. Tricaro says:

    Willard Wigan MBE is a revolutionary artist, his sculptures and art are remarkable achievements and you can see them at his fine art dealer exhibitions. Incredible micro art at its finest.

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