Funny Names in the News 49, where we take a vacation

I'm sure this is what it looks like for Arto and Leslie in Finland right now, WINK ;)

I’m sure this is what it looks like for Arto and Leslie in Finland right now, WINK ūüėČ

Arto is in Finland with his wife right now, and I’ve been cooped up in their place, housesitting/catsitting and working insanely hard on a preview video for my new MCAT course, so in honor of our first perfect square FNITN in months (7×7=49… the last one was 6×6=36), I’ll be sitting this one out.

However, if you want to take these notes Amb, Mark, Fannie and I have compiled, and go to town with your own FNITN-style descriptions of them in the comment section, I’d love to see it and it just might brighten my day!

Happy Friday, everyone!

– Dave


Happy Massee – on the production crew for Parker Posey’s Broken English. – Dave

Burt Flickinger III РDave

Tig Notaro –¬†¬†– Dave

Hottest baby names of 2013 so far РDave

Eva Amurri is going to be on New Girl! Btw, that Tig Notaro article was amazing. I heart her so much. Have you seen her Taylor Dane bit? xo amb

Saoirse Ronan’s¬†new movie looks amazing – in a gut-wrenching, incredibly intense kind of way:¬† xo amb РDave

Jose Jose…Storm Throne…Sicnarf Loopstok…Wirfin Obispo…Forrest Allday…not only are these names real…they are only a handful of the 75 names in the running for Minor League Baseball’s 2013 Moniker Madness.¬†¬† Our primo baseball correspondent, Mark Sackler, will keep FNITN updated.¬† You can vote for your favorite here

The Purple One is tweeting. I’m so happy.¬†¬†xo amb¬†(Feel free to save this one for the big 5-0, if you’d like – lots of content this week!)

From Fannie: Funny name loving from the Pacific Northwest: Coastal Hotels CEO, Yogi Hutson, announced the landmark hotel of Whatcom County, Semiahmoo Resort re-opened on Thursday.

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7 Responses to Funny Names in the News 49, where we take a vacation

  1. Dave says:

    And I have to say I’m a tad sad that I missed the chance to write about Prince. Perhaps I may end up going back to that one next FNITN.

  2. wdydfae says:

    Best of luck with the MCAT video!

    I’m sorry, I can’t make any sense of those notes, even clicking the links. Especially clicking the links.

    It’s like, “You’ll never guess who fhghslk has shgjfhging in this new dhfeury adaptation of whwhewkjtk’s groundbreaking ghjfhgpic hgjfhgfjgw jskdfjdkdd and in other news hfjghfjwlruotyitr was seen on the set of the new djdgjh series fgtytwe qrwtrew meanwhile, in rugby hjhjdfhjd drove the jkjfkdjk in an unexpected jkjkpouulj putting the Wyertey woireuis in line for a run at the uoyiuoyberry triouiyopopy trophy the first time since 1987 that ghjhdjhfd iopuopu has wuwierrwe to finish 2nd in the ytoiuotoyy league bristwriongton weryuwwp and rounding up today’s top ghdjspeio opoyitoiy was seen in a tender tete a tete with actor and singer iyotiyotu qrtwrtewew and that’s a wrap.”

  3. Rob says:

    We all know this is what it really looks like where they are:

    Hopefully Arto is classy enough to build a savusauna (smoke sauna) for his lovely wife.

    For anyone who doesn’t get why I’m talking about saunas, get cultured:

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