Lowell Turpin, Tammy Thrower, Mike Fuchs, and more Funny Names in the News 8

Today’s throwback Thursday post takes us back to the good ol’ days of Olympics 2012, where we could post almost anything and have it get three hundred hits, even if it wasn’t really Olympics-related. It’s always great when a funny-named individual happens to be part of a funny story too, so the Lowell Turpin and Tammy Thrower saga remains a FNITN highlight. Enjoy!

The Blog of Funny Names

Happy Friday, readers! It’s the end of the work-week again and you know what that means, it’s FNITN- time (if you didn’t know that, that’s okay, you do now!) So let’s get fa-nittin’.

  • Dave has been busy reading his favo(u)rite newspaper, Britain’s the Daily Mail, and dug up this story packed with funny names for our enjoyment. A man named Lowell Turpin was scanning his girlfriend’s Facebook page, and encountered a picture of presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney. Mr. Turpin is apparently not a fan of the news, and did not recognize the handsome gentleman his girlfriend was posting pictures of, became enraged with jealousy, and ended up being arrested by a Deputy Bradley A. Prewitt. Not a great day for Mr. Turpin then, but at least he can live with the knowledge that his girlfriend’s brother’s wife is named Tammy Thrower. It should be a consolation for us…

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