Malin Akerman

Hi guys.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but – pay no attention to me.

Just pretend I’m not even here.

I’m not, truthfully; I’m spending the week on the beaches of Georgian Bay and am only bringing you this post through the magic of the internet and the WordPress “Schedule” button.

But you know I love you all to bits, and I’d never leave on vacation without leaving a funny name in show business here for you! Since I have a bit of a reputation for having, um, a one track mind around here, I wanted to leave you something a little bit different today.

Everyone, this is Malin. She’s an actress, and a Canadian one at that. If you can tear yourself away from her baby blues, click the picture to go through to the Wikipedia link and learn all about her funny-named-fabulous-ness.


You’re welcome, boys.

love amb


About amb

Would rather spend time in TV land than Corporate World. Writes at and wishes she was more like Ingrid Bergman.
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28 Responses to Malin Akerman

  1. dtutor says:

    She’s actually Swedish, but I’m totally with you on her place in your webpage. Yes mam.

  2. wdydfae says:

    “. . . like a voicemail message played in a soundproof room in an abandonded building in an empty town, Amb’s ‘there-but-not-really-there’ post is a cutting edge high concept artistic gamble that pays off astoundingly well . . . Or does it?”

    “. . . Amb’s latest forray into non-being recalls the sublime absurdism of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and the episodic surrealism of Milan Kundera . . .”

    “. . . entrancing . . . thought-provoking . . . deeply unsettling . . .”

  3. Dave says:

    Dearest Amb, I wouldn’t have pegged you as the first person to use the “hot girls” tag on a BoFN post (although I guess I don’t know who else would have done it either). I can only assume this is you extending an olive branch to Rob in your “battle of the hot people of the opposite gender” (although Rob slipped up last post with that cartoon of the baseball player wearing a dress).

    In any case, just one more piece of evidence that you do, indeed, contain multitudes! Hope you’re enjoying your vacation! (I’ll have to take one of those sometime soon)

  4. Arto says:

    Don’t forget the weird Swedish Å letter, Amb, makes any name funnier. Åkerman. Don’t ask me how to type that, she’ll just have to join the gang of people nicknamed “copy-paste” around here.

    Enjoy your vacation! That includes definitely not reading this comment until the far future, which means by the time you read this you will no longer be on vacation so my wishing you well will be a sort of unnecessary time loop. Or something. What was I saying? Something about episodic surrealism.

    Right. I’ll get my coat then.

  5. Amb–way to be omnipresent!

    I didn’t even notice the hot girls tag until Dave commented on it.

    And Diddy–you have a way with words.

  6. Help me out here. What’s so funny about “Malin Akerman”? Is it the Spoonerism potential – “Ailin’ Maker-man?”

    Looking at this chick I feel I’m ailin’ alright. I’ve got dribble running down my chin.

    I said my CHIN.

  7. hitchens67 says:

    Malin Ackerman HOTTTTTTTT!

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