Diego Klattenhoff

Ahh, fall.

starbucks with a kissThis is, dear readers, my most favourite time of the year. And I’m not just saying that because I look cute in a sweater or because I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes (although who are we kidding, I look adorable, and I basically mainline PSLs from now until December).

No, my favourite thing about fall is, of course, the television programming. Few things make me happier than curling up in the pocket sized place on a chilly night with a hot new television drama. Unless, of course, we’re talking about curling up with a hot new television drama and Dav –

I meant to say, curling up with a hot new television drama starring a funny named actor. Right. Let’s go with that. Since its debut last week, that television show has been NBC’s new hit  “The Blacklist” and that actor has been Diego Klatternhoff.

Shane in Mean Girls Mike Brody in Homeland

A little “Homeland” humour.  I’m a geek. Love me anyway?

Diego is a good Canadian boy who was born in Nova Scotia and grew up wanting to be a baseball player. (Really, Rob, that’s what Wikipedia my showbiz sources tell me. I don’t just make this stuff up to make you happy, you know). He changed his mind at age 19 – presumably because he never had a chance to play, since spring lasts for all of five minutes in Nova Scotia – and moved to my hometown of Toronto to pursue acting. Good thing he did, too, because otherwise Tina Fey never would have laid eyes on his, um, talent, and never would have cast him alongside Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls”.

While LiLo spent the decade following that movie basically ignoring authority, Diego did the polite, Canadian thing and embraced it. He played by-the-book Marine Mike Faber on “Homeland” for two seasons, and now he’s starring as FBI agent Donald Ressler on “The Blacklist” along with the awesomely named (and awesomely talented) James Spader. Diego is typically Canadian when talking about moving between the world of the CIA and the FBI too, saying modestly,

“It’s not like I had a huge transition and had to lose 40 pounds or gain 40 pounds. They put me in these great suits. It wasn’t too, too much.”

Diego Klattenhoff in a suit

Hi, Diego. I like your … shirt.

Don’t be so unassuming, Diego honey – you can really wear a suit. Not that that’s the reason why I watch your show, or anything.

In between such snazzily dressed gigs, Diego also helped save the world this summer in Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim”. What a guy!

love amb

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Would rather spend time in TV land than Corporate World. Writes at wordsbecomesuperfluous.com and wishes she was more like Ingrid Bergman.
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24 Responses to Diego Klattenhoff

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  2. wdydfae says:

    Although I’m always behind on this stuff, I feel like I never need to actually see it–I can just read whatever Amb writes about it, which is probably as good or better than whatever I’m supposed to be seeing.

    • amb says:

      Well thank you very much. If my writing is half as good as Diego looks in that last picture, then I’m doing very well indeed 😉

    • Liz says:

      I hear you, diddy, as I’ve learned to leave the actual viewing of the shows to amb and counting on her reviews to fill me in. Saves buckets of time, which can spent making (and consuming) cocktails, bacon jam, cakes, ice cream, etc.

  3. Dave says:

    Awesome post. I hope it doesn’t change things between us when I tell you that I’ve never had a PSL in my life before.

    I’ve got a lot to learn!

  4. Liz says:

    Hey, the peregrinate thing worked–I’m here, amb 🙂 Thanks for another update on contemporary American culture. Always good to know these things.

    Though of course I’m going to focus on your mention of a consumable: those PSLs. (sounds like a blood count or maybe even a baseball stat) Have never had one either. Not sure I’d like Starbuck’s version (too sweet? haha, just kidding, there is no such thing) and would rather try a DIY version. Can you describe it for me? Coffee, (soy)milk, pumpkin pie spice (?), cinnamon. ?? Is there any actual pumpkin in it? Oh, bet it’s topped with whipped cream. I’ll be googling, but would love your take on it as well.

    Will also second your shout-out to James Spader. He’s not the young hottie he was back in the day, but doesn’t seem to be aging too poorly (not going the Nic Cage direction anyway). Do you like the bald look? I’m undecided. Did not like his Boston Legal look (so superficial, judging on appearance), so this is an improvement imo.

    • amb says:

      You’re here! I’m so glad. You know it wouldn’t be the same without you.

      Bahaha I love that my caffeine obsession sounds baseballish, that’s outstanding. Hanging out here with the boys is rubbing off on me, it seems. But on to important things, aka PSLs. Starbucks’ version is very sweet – it’s a latte with shots of pumpkin spice syrup topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. I usually go for a soy half-sweet with no whipped cream because I’m not, like, completely out of control … yet. 😉 I’ve seen DIY versions made with pumpkin puree but have yet to attempt one of my own. A weekend project, perhaps? 🙂

    • amb says:

      PS: A friend and I were talking about The Blacklist while we were supposed to be working today – and the hamsters came right off the wheels and it turned into a whole other thing about delicious and silky smooth James’ voice is and how we wouldn’t really mind spending time with an evil criminal mastermind, as long as it meant that every time he talked to us he’d sound like that and he’d say our names a lot and he’d…wait – what was your question? 😉

      • Liz says:

        heehee–never mind–I know where you stand on Spader now 😉 Though his looks didn’t appeal to me in Boston Legal–guess I should’ve just closed my eyes and listened to that silky smooth voice. (though admit that I never actually watched the show) Love that the hamsters came off the wheels. Wheeeeeeee!

        And about that pumpkin puree in a beverage. I tried that in the pumpkin toddy (version before crabapple) and it added texture–blecchh. Maybe if I had a Vitamix?

        • amb says:

          Shutterbug and I were talking about Vitamixes the other day actually! We’d both love to have one. But they’re so spendy, not to mention that they take up valuable counter space in our pocket-sized places … I wonder if they really are that much better than everything else out there … ?

  5. Oh Canada. I love that you share your talents with your neighbors in the lower 48.

    Amb, love the post and the pumpkin spice fall energy. Blacklist certainly has an intriguing cast. Loved James Spader in Lincoln. He has come a long way since Baby Boom.

    • amb says:

      You’re so welcome! *said amb, on behalf of everyone North of the 49th parallel*

      The cast got even better this week, because Parminder Nagra appeared as a CIA agent! If her name wasn’t so amazing I’d be slightly terrified of her. And as you can see from my comment to Liz, I like where James Spader is these days just fine 😉

  6. The Klattenhoff was a brand of Austrian manual typewriter, so called for the sound of its aggressive carriage return.

    Flattered – however unreasonably – by the booming sales of the device, Viennese speculator Gunther von Klattenhoff purchased the firm in 1890.

    Dropping the aristocratic prefix “von,” the Klattenhoffs then tried to pass off the typewriter as their own invention.

    The ruse did not deceive Gunther’s contemporaries, who objected that the machine’s name is properly onomatopoeic.

    In Anglophone countries the unit was marketed under the “Rattletoff” label.

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