Wacha Wacha! It’s Funny Names in the News 57

Top o’ the mornin’ to y’all! It’s 3:51 and I just got back from a good hangout session with some old friends who have recently arrived in town, so this FNITN will be a bit of a short one. It’s nice to go from some serious discussions to some silly stuff… and then get to come home to write FNITN!

Cool. Obviously cool!

Cool. Obviously cool!

In coolness updates, our Coolness Correspondent Dave (ha, I love calling myself that!) brings us an update on what exactly constitutes coolness. You see, two psychologists, Ian Hansen and Ilan Dar-Nimrod, set out to quantify what was classified as cool, and came to some interesting debates. The most riveting of these was the discussion of whether Steve Buscemi is cool. If you’re interested in seeing which side of that debate Ilan Dar-Nimrod decided to take (and frankly, I’m always interested in seeing what Ilan Dar-Nimrod thinks of things), check out this delightful Cracked.com article!

But enough triviality! We have more serious things to discuss, and I’ll leave it to our favorite Moniker Madness and Muppet Correspondent, Mad Mark Sackler, to tell you more!

fozzy bear

“It really doesn’t matter that Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha took a a no-hitter into the 8th inning of game four of the NLDS series between St. Louis and Pittsburgh.  What matters is that while watching the broadcast, just moments after this exact thought came into my mind,  the poster to the left showed up on my TV screen.  So who is clairvoyant–me or the guy who made the poster?” – Mark

I think I’m the clairvoyant one, because I predicted that Mark would have something to say for this edition of Funny Names in the News. But enough about me. Mayoral Mandate Madness correspondent Mad Mark Sackler has even more exciting nooz to share with e’rrrbody! Take it away Mark!

“In sports/politics crossover news, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is recovering from hip surgery–but that isn’t his main health concern.  He’s worried for his heart after watching the Denver Broncos‘ narrow victory over Dallas in a wild 51-48 shootout this past Sunday. ”

Oohhh! Right in the Hickenlooper! That's gotta hurt! (P.S. When did Rob's brain become the model for Operation?)

Oohhh! Right in the Hickenlooper! That’s gotta hurt! (P.S. When did Rob’s brain become the model for Operation?)

Fun stuff! I once heard a doctor refer to a body part as a Hickenlooper. I’ll leave it to you to figure…

actually, that isn’t even remotely true. Nobody has ever referred to a body part as a Hickenlooper. Not until I become a doctor, at least!

Sorry… that was kind of childish.

… speaking of childish (and utilizing our time-honored tradition of so-smooth-they’re-almost-undetectable segues), Canadian Cuteness Correspondent Amb brings us news that Childish Gambino is going to be releasing an album this winter. Now that name alone is enough to make us happy, but what really makes us swoon is that Childish Gambino is none other than Donald Glover – who is best known for playing Troy Barnes on a fun little show called… Community! (Which Liz has to watch but not until she has some free time)

Lastly, perhaps the most intimidatingly named college football coach ever, Jerry Kill, unfortunately had to go on leave recently due to his epilepsy. We wish Jerry the best, and the good news is that as a Minnesotan, Kill will always be able to swing on over to Liz’s kitchen and find some delicious morsels to help will cure what ails him.

Whoo, we covered a lot of ground in this here FNITN! Hope you all have a splendid Friday!

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29 Responses to Wacha Wacha! It’s Funny Names in the News 57

  1. marksackler says:

    How can anybody with “Nimrod” in his name possibly be taken seriously on the subject of coolness?

  2. wdydfae says:

    Dare I say it? A certifiably cool post.

    I’m amazed at how well you guys consistently nail these Friday Fandangos.

    The first time I noticed Steve Buscemi was in Lonesome Dove, where he played a slimey but arresting character. He just kept popping up in so much different stuff after that. I vote Cool.

    • Dave says:

      Ilan Dar-Nimrod may disagree about the coolness of this post, but it would all be worthwhile if we could get Ilan Dar-Nimrod to interact with our blog the way Crescent Dragonwagon, Kind Butler II and III, and Mo Rocca have.

      Friday Fandangos… that’s a great term that I’ll have to tell Arto about. I can see that term catching on around these parts.

      Slimey but arresting… that’s a good way of describing most Steve Buscemi roles. He’s good at what he does!

  3. Liz says:

    crackalackin’ good times over here @ FNitN what with all the wacha wachas and woot woots 🙂 (and two shout-outs? thanks!)

    Crazy good names, all of them, and Kills can count on me for nourishing fare. Will start working on a hotdish for him right now. (haha, just kidding as I am a food snob and don’t do hotdish 😉 )

    You can record my vote for Buscemi as Cool, thanks.

    • Dave says:

      Two shout-outs is the least I can do to make up for the fact I’ve been lording Community over you all morning. I promise I’ll stop 🙂

      Does it make me a certifiable non-food-snob if I admit that I don’t know what a hotdish?

      Arto will appreciate your vote for Buscemi as Cool. I’m gonna act Swiss on this issue for fear that I might offend the awesomely-named Ilan Dar-Nimrod!

      • Liz says:

        you know casserole? hotdish is the Minnesota (though maybe Midwest in general) version. Tuna noodle hotdish, tater tot hotdish, macaroni hotdish–these are all real dishes. (editorial comment: blech) I even have a friend who wrote a hotdish book 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Dish-Heaven-Casseroles-Kitchens/dp/0873515684

        (just a brag, not even a humblebrag 😉 )

        • Dave says:

          Oh interesting. I love regional dialects! As for your friend’s book, just reading about tater tot hotdish makes me hungry! Have I ever told you before that Mailman’s mom wrote a microwave cookbook back in the day?

          • Liz says:

            I did not know that–very cool! I jumped into a facebook discussion about eggs with her once and her mom was also chiming in, sounding very smart about food. Now I know why!

  4. amb says:

    My favourite Steve Buscemi performance is Randall in “Monsters Inc”. Pixar movies are definitely cool.

  5. Love the post. Some of my favorite Buscemi moments are from “Ed and His Dead Mother”, “Reservoir Dogs”, “The Wedding Singer”, and “Armagedon” where he recreates the scene of Slim Pickens riding the bomb in “Dr. Strangelove.” Or who could forget the line about the lowest bidder?

    Have a great weekend.

  6. ksbeth says:

    hope hickenlooper’s hips are hoppin’ soon.

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