Funny Names in the Pie! Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Hello hello my funky squirrels! It’s time to take a break from digesting the 35 pounds of pumpkin pie we all ate last night and guffaw at the funny names in the news this fine week. Whoo!

Paula Sunshine in her hair lab.

Paula Sunshine in her hair lab.

Our Dancing Correspondent Dave kicks things off with this report from prison :

“A Youtube channel called Prison Dance has posted an awesome dance inspired by Manny Pacquiao (husband of Jinkee Pacquiao). Keep your ears open because dare’s a mustache reference at 1:06, and an awesome series of Freddie Roach references in da later part of da video, and he’s da bruther of Pepper Roach. Plus a Buboy Fernandez reference at 1:00. ” Don’t worry readers, Dave is ok, all the pecan pie he ate last night just makes him sound exactly like Chuck Wepner.

In fascinating construction news, we have this report about Paula Sunshine, a lady who used “human hair to build an extension to her historic house”. Apparently, she hoovered up the raw materials at local hairdressers and also used her own (presumably very fluffy) dog’s hair. Heh, I suppose you might even call it a…hair extension.


Moving on then.

A giant comet named ISON whistled by the Sun yesterday, and was captured into a rather spectacular image by astronomer Waldemar Skorupa, who just managed to whip out his iPhone in time to snap a picture of the passing interstellar speedster.

Bobak the Science Guy! I'm telling you, it'll be a hit.

Bobak the Science Guy! I’m telling you, it’ll be a hit.

Elsewhere in NASA news, our Scientist Hair Examiner Dave also reports the story of Bobak Ferdowsi, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer (otherwise known as a “rocket scientist”), who is known to the world as “Mohawk Guy”, for reasons that I have not received a memo on. I see he’s got a mohawk, so that kind of explains it, but I don’t know why the whole world is supposed to know him as Mohawk Guy. Kind of seems a waste of a name like Bobak Ferdowsi, really. I mean, just call him Bobak the Rocket Scientist, make a children’s book out of it and call it a day, eh.

That’ll wrap up our post-Thanksgiving coverage this year. Go ahead and return to your regularly scheduled digestion exercises and munch on the mountain of leftovers falling out of the fridge at every opening. Buh-bye!

About Arto

Co-founder of the Funny Names Blog, Hawaiian shirt enthusiast, and holder of a funny name himself with too many vowels for any sensible person. Currently residing in San Diego, California, scouring through obscure documents on a hunt for more funny names.
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7 Responses to Funny Names in the Pie! Post-Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Arto loved the post.

    I didn’t get a chance to send you a birthday greeting for Thanksgiving. That would be Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds who celebrated her birthday yesterday:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving and birthday. 😉

  2. ksbeth says:

    bobak ferdowsi forever (the real meaning of bff)

  3. Liz says:

    Is it your birthday, Arto? Or it was on Thanksgiving? Happy belated bday whenever it was 🙂 Tell me next year, so I can make you a cake 😀 (then you can crush it, haha)

    Yeah, a lot of pie went down yesterday. So much that I don’t have any room for any funny names comments to form. Ah well, maybe next post.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • Dave says:

      His birthday is August 10th 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I’m sure yours went wonderfully with you and your cooking prowess at the helm!

      • Liz says:

        ?? What’s up with the birthday wishes? Hope you had a good turkey day as well. It cracks me up that folks think I’m some kind of cooking expert. Ha. I have great enthusiasm for all things food and drink and am not afraid of failure. Not the same thing 😉 Though I did make some tasty French bread. And ate way too much pie. Did you and Rob fight over who got more peanut butter?

        • Dave says:

          Haha, no. I always get more peanut butter. Even if he’s bigger than me, I still hold a psychological edge.

          I can see why we get along – I don’t consider myself great at many things, but I always keep going because I am unafraid of making a fool of myself. It’s amazing what can be accomplished by flailing aimlessly for a long enough period of time 🙂 It’s a way of life!

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