Funny Names In The News 76, Brought to you by Ryan Gosling and Speed Weed

Gadzooks and gravy, my friends, it’s Funny Names Friday Monday once again! I came here to write Funny Names in the News and take Ambien, and I’m all out of Ambien, so let’s get down to bidness!

(This caption intentionally left blank)

(This caption intentionally left blank)

Leading off for the FNITNs this week is Online Downtime Correspondent Dave (me), who brings us an extraordinary assortment of delightful names in this EBaumsWorld slideshow “24 People Who Should Probably Change Their Names“.   FNITN 38 star Dick Trickle makes an appearance, but I think Batman Bin SuparmanFire Penguin Disco Panda, Chris P. BaconTokyo Sexwale, Speed Weed and Kash Register all give him a run for his money.

In boxing news, travelin’ man Lee Groves (by way of pugilism correspondent Davey Boy!) decided to travel to Cleveland to cover boxing, but ended up hearkening back to a great moment in a boxing match of yesteryear, when Oleg Maskaev knocked Hasim Rahman out of the ring 15 years ago.

From the canvas to the hardwood we go, to bring you magnificent March Madness news! Word has it that players such as Montrezl Harrell, Jordair Jett, Chadrack Lufile, Shabazz Napier and Cleananthony Early have been lighting up the

The Blog of Funny Names, where our images are nothing if not topical.

The Blog of Funny Names, where our images are nothing if not topical.

nets in this year’s tournament. As Funny Finn Correspondent Arto said yesterday at an Islands Burger joint before we watched The Grand Budapest (great film, by the way), “Funny names in March Madness is like shooting fish in a barrel!”

We navigate from the TV screen to the silver screen, where Sexy Guys Whose Last Names Rhyme With…Nothing? Correspondent Amb! dishes out some exciting showbiz news. Amb’s beloved Ryan Gosling is potentially producing (and starring!) in a Busby Berekley biopic.

What? You’d didn’t think I’d let this FNITN be all about sports, did you? amb xo.

No amb, we know better than to think that.

But y’all know better than to think that I can be derailed from talking about boxing for too long, as I’ve stumbled upon a doozy of an article about none other than Kermit Cintron, who’s looking for another shot at a world title. In the article, they describe Cintron’s life as a quintessential boxing story, which I can agree with.

On to Things That Rhyme With Bushy Diet News, Russian convict impresario Dave enlightens us on a very promising development: apparently transgender electroclash artist Peaches (whose real name is Merrill Beth Nisker) has written a track called “Free Pussy Riot!” in support of our favorite band we rarely listen to.

Last, but certainly not least, our favorite playwright’s daughter, Zosia Mamet has opened up to Alexis Petridis about a whole slew of fantastic subjects, in an engaging Guardian article.
This has been a (slightly delayed) edition of Funny Names in the News! Enjoy your Monday everyone!

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11 Responses to Funny Names In The News 76, Brought to you by Ryan Gosling and Speed Weed

  1. As I am a full time mommy, occasionally I need to see some people die. So, while watching some SVU marathon while daddy had the kids out this weekend, I caught Speed Weed as well and thought
    “Now that ought to go on the funny names blog.”
    Great minds. Or whatever.

    • Dave says:

      Great minds… absolutely! And I totally understand the feeling of needing to see some people die. It’s good for the soul. Or whatever. 🙂

  2. wdydfae says:

    The slideshow is mongo super spectaculoso! It makes me want to wave the white flag on name funniness. Uncle!

    But waving the white flag on Ryan Gosling rhyming? Never! Never! NEVER!!!

    Now, we know every goose has to grow from a gosling
    But how about every cause? Is it caused by a causeling?

    The guy that was throwing the rocks, Ryan Gosling,
    his arm got so tired that he tried using Bob’s sling.

    • wdydfae says:

      With singers and actors it’s very impressive
      When their names turn into the present progressive,
      When Beyonce goes Beyoncing and Boz Scaggs goes Bozzling
      When Liv Tyler goes Tyling and Ryan goes Gosling

  3. Dave says:

    Diddy, what happened to your awesome comment?

  4. ksbeth says:

    love this array of amazinamedness, but my highlights were the ryan gosling pic and the fact that i share a name with the infamous peaches. it was my young childhood nickname and i’ve reclaimed it as an old adult.

  5. Arto says:

    This post is Shabazz.

    That is a good thing.

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