In Honor of Presidents’ Day, We List Some of the Funniest Names of World Leaders Today!

Hello hello! The Blog of Funny Names has been on a short hiatus but we return today to celebrate what is Presidents’ Day in America. Also known as Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday, or the unapostrophized Presidents Day. As fitting a holiday that everyone forgets until it’s there, no one knows what it’s actually called.  In many places it’s also celebrated as “Buy a crappy new Chrysler at 40% off” day, but under no circumstances should you go and do a thing like that.

In honor of Presidents(‘) Day, we’re going to take a look around the world today to find the funniest named heads of state out there. So here’s the proof for all you oddly monikered folks dreaming of world (or small island nation) domination, it can be done! Just follow the lead of these wonderfully named leaders below.

Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck – King of Bhutan

The small Asian nation resting on the Himalayas is led by dreamy 34-year-old Wangchuck, who rose to the throne after his father abdicated his position in 2006. Having studied abroad extensively in exotic locations like Andover, Massachusetts, the young Jigme eventually graduated from Oxford University. As a cool bonus, the king of Bhutan is generally referred to a as a “Dragon King”, which is pretty neat. Imagine that on your business card.

Bhutan's Dragon King, deep in thought.

Bhutan’s Dragon King, deep in thought.

Frank Bainimarama – Prime Minister, Fiji

Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, delightfully known everywhere as just Frank, has been the Prime Minister of the beautiful island nation of Fiji since 2007. He also topped the charts with Cruel Summer and Na Na Hey Hey in the 80’s. All eight graders in our readership will also be pleased to find he holds the naval rank of Rear Admiral.

Edgar Lungu – President of Zambia

Edgar was only elected President last month, becoming one of the most recent heads of state in the world. Yay! We can only be pleased he did, as he replaced the considerably more run-of-the-mill Guy Scott, who was acting as President following the previous leader’s death.

Dame Pearlette Louisy – Governor-General of Saint Lucia

The excellently named Pearlette is the first woman to hold the position of St. Lucia’s Governor-General, duties of which include general governing and such.

In case you've never heard of St. Lucia, it's one of these types of places. Yeah. Nice.

In case you’ve never heard of St. Lucia, it’s one of these types of places. Yeah. Nice.

Hery Rajaonarimampianina – President of Madagascar

The President of Madagascar becomes the latest holder of our coveted Copy-and-Paste honors, because I can’t even begin to count the syllables contained within that name. Elected in January 2014, among his goals as President will be the continuation of the lucrative animated film franchise bearing his island’s name, and perhaps adapting to the new reality of a greener world by changing the name of the country to Madaelectriccar.

Honorary mention to the already profiled Nigerian leader Goodluck Jonathanand a special note is required about the former president of Zimbabwe, the Honorable Canaan Banana, who upon reaching the throne in 1980 passed a law banning his citizens from making jokes about his name. We’re just glad such laws do not exist here in America. Thanks George Washington! Happy Birthday!

About Arto

Co-founder of the Funny Names Blog, Hawaiian shirt enthusiast, and holder of a funny name himself with too many vowels for any sensible person. Currently residing in San Diego, California, scouring through obscure documents on a hunt for more funny names.
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17 Responses to In Honor of Presidents’ Day, We List Some of the Funniest Names of World Leaders Today!

  1. kerbey says:

    “Everybody Wangchuck Tonight” does not look like a Dragon King. He looks like a busboy, doing sidework, folding yellow napkins before the night shift starts. A pensive, clean-shaven busboy. But he still sings better than Bainimarama. How you can be so on your game on a Monday is beyond me, but Madaelectriccar deserves some Presidential Props. Can you imagine taking roll call in gym class in Madaelectriccar, if everyone’s name is so unnecessarily long? Hery’s last name has as many syllables as I have fingers!

  2. ksbeth says:

    wangchuck takes the cake. i would vote for him just to use the name in sentences.

  3. Liz says:

    awesome post, Arto–love the research. Had never thought of Pres. Day on a world stage as you have. Good point about not knowing what the holiday is actually called. All I know is that my kids are off school and so I’m refereeing squabbles instead of working and other such productive activities. What I remember most about the holiday is that George Washington admitted to chopping down the cherry tree, which made him an honest soul, fit for being Our First President. Woohoo on the awesome names of foreign leaders.

    • Arto says:

      Hey Liz, thanks for the props! Yeah, I was forced to go global as the American presidents tend to be less than funnily named (a few good exceptions aside). Gladly the foreign presidents fit our theme better so I stretched the definition of the day a bit. Whoohoo on the history lesson on cherry trees!

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  5. markbialczak says:

    Great piece here, Arto. I already can envision a feisty fighter rising from the streets of Bhutan some decade hence, name slightly bastardized from the nation’s leader but perfect to make martial arts movies and become an international star. Let’s make way for Chuck Wang!

  6. Great post!
    But you missed out on one of the best (former) presidents… Indonesia’s Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono!

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