Happy Independence Day – And Now For Something (Kind of) Completely Different

This is our 600th post on the Blog of Funny Names – not nearly as impressive as Kerbey’s 1000th post, but still pretty cool! This has us all in a celebratory mood at BoFN HQ… but wait, isn’t there something else worth celebrating this weekend?

Of course there is!

source: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1649894/images/o-AMERICAN-FLAG-facebook.jpg

Old Glory

So normally Friday is FNITN day, but this Friday is also the Friday of Independence Day weekend for our American readers, which reminds me (Dave) of one of my favorite posts in the history of the blog. It was from the Blog of Funny Names’ first ever Independence Day, and I took a departure from the blog’s usual tongue-in-cheek tone to reflect on America and its many wonderful values (and sprinkle in some awesome names of famous American politicians). WordPress only lets you reblog something once, and we’ve already used that one up, so I’ll just link to it here. One of my favorite posts in the history of the blog (and a chance to Vote for Funny Names! Woohoo!):

Happy Independence Day – Vote Toward A More Funny-Named Union!

(one of our classic posts, according to the informal committee of Dave)

Oh, and in case you’re missing your usual dose of fun FNITN photos, here’s a pic of Woody Allen hanging out with an orange-turban-wearing Parker Posey. But please do check out the Independence Day post. It’s a good’n. And for our American readers (and frankly our non-American ones as well), I hope you have quality time with friends and family this weekend!

Some pictures defy captions.

Some pictures defy captions.

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5 Responses to Happy Independence Day – And Now For Something (Kind of) Completely Different

  1. wdydfae says:

    Happy Fourth to all!

  2. ksbeth says:

    orange is the new red, white and blue.

  3. kerbey says:

    🙂 That must be the new “half naval” trend.

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