Funny Names in the News 109, where we celebrate the 80’s and a Birthday Announcement

Could it be Friday again already?!? Totally mah’gotally folks!

I swear that’s a phrase! Someone told me it was last week, so it’s gotta be true. Tall buff redhead dudes don’t lie!

Original (and highly instructional) artistic modifications by the BoFN's very own Dave!

Reba and Narvel, with original (and highly instructional) artistic modifications by the BoFN’s very own Dave!

Speeeaking of redheads, and awkward transitions, it appears that country music legend Reba McEntire (whose middle name is Nell) and husband Narvel Blackstock have announced their separation after 26 years. 26 years! That means they were married in the 80’s.

Word on the street is that Kelly Clarkson tried to stop them from separating, but to no avail. Our best wishes to Reba and Narvel during this challenging time.

Spuds MacKenzie - not only a man, but the guru of good times!

Spuds MacKenzie – not only a man, but the guru of good times!

We next move on to other news from the late 80’s (we’re really pushing the envelope on this one!) and bring you the news that Bud Light featured a magnificent spokesdog in the late 80’s, known as Spuds MacKenzie. Spuds is described as a “super cool, wealthy, woman-loving bull terrier,” with the added catch that Spuds is not in fact a dog, but Anheuser Busch insists Spuds was actually a man!

I’m gullible enough to believe that!

Moving on to someone who is definitely a man, but who is also Awesome…. American amateur boxer Cam Awesome (nee Lenroy Thompson) narrowly missed out on a medal at the recent Pan-American games, but he won the hearts of many with his delightful post-fight interview, in which he addressed the burning questions we’ve all wanted to know.

“Some people say I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing. I’m not saying I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing, but I’m not NOT saying I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing.” – Cam Awesome

Hard to argue with that. Awesome, who changed his name to Cam F. Awesome following a series of odd events with the U.S. Olympic team, has Olympic dreams for 2016. No word yet on what F stands for, but I hope it’s something awesome like Francesco!

So that’s it for Funny Names in the News, Edition 109. All the news that’s unfit to…

Wait, what’s that?

There’s another announcement?

There most certainly is! The BOFN’s very own ARTO will be celebrating his birthday on Monday (but hopefully a lot more days than just Monday)!

Rumor also has it that this youthful chap will be turning the page into another decade, and that if you write his new age in Roman Numerals, it will need to go in a special section at the video store! Video stores… they totally still have those, right?

So let’s dedicate this edition of Funny Names in the News to this super hilarious, witty, Finnish, clever, tall, blond, talented, and altogether quality fella! Happy early birthday, Mister Arto!

Arto Hat man

Look, I even made a special card for the occasion!

So that does it for Funny Names In The News 109! Until next time, make sure to wish your favorite Finn a happy birthday, even if his birthday isn’t until Monday!!!

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17 Responses to Funny Names in the News 109, where we celebrate the 80’s and a Birthday Announcement

  1. wdydfae says:

    “. . . even if Reba McEntire won’t be standin’ by her man, Dave still McCompletes us with a fabulous birthday spectaculArto FNitN . . .”

    “. . . now, we aren’t saying Dave approaches Yogi Berra levels of awesome with his awesome Cam Awesome quote, but we we’re, uh, not NOT saying it either . . .”

    “. . . we don’t know what’s going to come out of that cake, but since it may N be SFW, turn around, cover up them peepers, and let’s all wish Arto a rousing three oh anyway . . .”

    “. . . some folks say don’t trust anyone over thirty, but most of those folks are in nursing homes now, and faithful FNitN fans worldwide say, Happy B-Day Arto!!!! . . .”

    • Dave says:

      Pure brilliance!!!!!! I love it!!!

      I’m not saying Diddy is the Mark Twain of commenting, but I’m not NOT saying it either!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Arto.

    And Wdydfae I loved your comment. 🙂

  3. Arto says:

    No Harry Funmaker news, eh? What an oversight!

    I’ll be expecting a thorough Funmaker profile next week.

    Excellent art work all around. I bet the dog McKenzie helped you out with dat.

    • Dave says:

      He’s not a dog, he’s a man!

      And I can’t believe I forgot about Funmaker, although I wrote this rather late! Maybe next time!

  4. Rob says:

    Happy birthday clownpants! Hyvaa Jouluaa!

  5. ksbeth says:

    happy birthday arto!

  6. kerbey says:

    So the Finnish lad finished his twenties? See what I did? Hardee-har har. Happy in the future birthday, Arto. Sigh. All my idol’s marriages are crumbling. Reba and Narvel, Blake and Miranda, Piggy and Kermit. It’s too much to bear. And speaking of animals, whatever Spuds was, he was clearly Scottish with a name like MacKenzie. Last summer, a group of us were in Kansas during the Harvest Moon, out on a walk in a neighborhood. A man walked by with a bull terrier, and the adults immediately thoughts Spuds, and the kids thought Target Dog, and the man declared that his dog was the cousin of the Target Dog. AS IF. I love their precious elongated faces, but my husband takes issue with them.

    And did you know Reba’s brother, Pake, also sang country music? Seriously. Pake.

  7. wdydfae says:

    Dave’s birthday card could also be interpreted as a Thug Life video.

  8. markbialczak says:

    Since I’m still stuck on look-alikes, King Dave, Spuds McKenzie was a ringer for Kirby Puckett of the Minnesota Twins. You could look it up.

    Happy Birthday, Arto, you old dog, you! 🙂

    • Dave says:

      Haha, I remember Kirby! How could you forget the guy?!? Wasn’t he MVP one year as well??

      But the resemblance is a loose resemblance at best… do you know which eye Kirby ended up injuring? Perhaps Spuds’ left “black eye” adds some definite Doppelganger points if Kirby was a right handed hitter….

      I think I really need to brush up on my Kirby Puckett trivia! These are the questions that need to be answered!

  9. I Can’t Stop Laughing! Check out this gallery of hilarious names only a mother could love.

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