Crickety stuff and Sheila Butt and Drug Dealing Folks in Funy Names in the News 113

Okily dokily folkily! Here we are, bringin’ ya all the Funny Named News that’s fit to… print? Publish? Blog?

Blog is still a weird word, even after becoming all ubiquitous and stuff. If we ever start a “Funny Digital Platforms Names” blog, we’ll have to induct “blog” as the Blog’s first blog. What a lovely sentence. So many B and G sounds. And a bit of a tongue twister!

Not Albie, but it is cricket-related. And I find this image as baffling and confusing as I find the entire sport of cricket!

Not Albie, but it is cricket-related. And I find this image as baffling and confusing as I find the entire sport of cricket!

Let’s start things off with last week’s cricket news. It turns out that Albie Morkel is a South African All Rounder and is also a bowler. Cricket terminology will never cease to amaze.

But I digress, his team beat India for their second win, in order to clinch a best-of-three series. Goooo Albie! Way to bowl your wobbly rounders and stop the other team from getting those wickets.

I’m sure it’s becoming apparent that I haven’t learned a darn thing about cricket since our Gylfi Sigurðsson post from the blog’s early days. Still one of my favorites, and something that got us on the “posts are fun when you don’t know anything about the topic” train!

In slightly-closer-to-home news, Tennessee rep Sheila Butt made the news lately (or at least the “Education Action Group” news) for her argument that students were being indoctrinated into Islam. She said that they’re spending a bit more time learning about Islam than other religions in their history classes, and introduced a bill to change that. Who knows? I never went to public school in Tennessee, so it’s possible. Then again, I think I learned about (and then promptly forgot) the Five Pillars of Islam in seventh grade myself, and found it as boring as I found all the other stuff in seventh grade history, so I’d hardly say I was indoctrinated.

Truth is, I forget most of what I learned in junior high. Or at least I forget most of the stuff I learned in junior high school classrooms. I’m sure some of the extracurricular lessons – like “cute girls are only rarely interested in your basketball card collection” and “parents just don’t understand” – stuck with me a bit more than the history class stuff. But if I’d learned the name Sheila Butt in junior high… that one would’ve stuck.

The first image you see when you search

The first image you see when you search “Independence Treen” on Google Images. Thanks, !

In News I Apparently Discovered Then Quickly Forgot I’d Discovered, there’s a fascinating long-read about a successful psychiatrist who became a drug dealer, and divorced his wife and then remarried a woman named Independence Treen, who “was 37 years his junior and on probation after serving time for grand theft auto. Five foot five with blond hair and hazel eyes, she looked like a younger version of [fella’s ex-wife] Kathy.”

Speaking of fellas, iconic Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti would’ve turned 77 yesterday. Happy birthday, and rest in peace, Fela!

Finally, we close today with a funny name that one of us encountered on our search for some medical info. stopped writing about black doctors, and instead started focusing on fictional ones, as actor Earle Hyman, who played Bill Cosby Cliff Huxtable’s father Russell Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Earle turned 89 recently, and apparently loves Norway and is first cousin once removed from singer Phyllis Hyman. Way to go Earle!

Well that’s it for this week’s FNITN! Until next week, keep reminding me that once I get my medical license, I really oughtn’t become a drug dealer who marries a woman 37 years my junior no matter how funny her name is!

Enjoy your Friday!

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25 Responses to Crickety stuff and Sheila Butt and Drug Dealing Folks in Funy Names in the News 113

  1. wdydfae says:

    keep reminding me that once I get my medical license, I really oughtn’t become a drug dealer who marries a woman 37 years my junior no matter how funny her name is!

    Those aren’t the only options. You could not deal and still marry a woman 37 years your junior. Or, you could deal and do a Harold and Maude type thing.

    Or . . .

    Naw, that’s pretty much it.

    • Dave says:

      Folks used to tell me I was like Harold. This was in high school, which was quite a few years ago. And quite a few pounds ago.

    • Arto says:

      He’ll need to wait a few years either way before there are any marriable women 37 years his junior. Or any women at all, really.

      I guess as a further option, he could deal copies of Harold and Maude DVDs to people aged 37?

  2. Arto says:

    Hey Dave, as a doctor, won’t you kinda be dealin’ drugs anyway? No need to leave the profession, just write those scripts and stuff. Problem solved!

    I think Sheila B. and Sheila E ought to do a duet on the dangers of Tennessee education. It’d be a hit.

    • kerbey says:

      Yes! And they can sample Arrested Development’s song “Tennessee” during the chorus.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, I completely agree! I want to hear that song!

    • Dave says:

      And you have a point about being a “drug dealer”, but honestly, what I’ll really become is a “liability sink”. The pharmacists and pharmacy companies are the real drug dealers. In drug-related transactions, I’d be more like the hook-up-man. If I go into internal med, my job will be to do some diagnosis, and assume a lot of liability when I send folks to specialists or for testing. Hmm… choices….

  3. kerbey says:

    First off–Buenos Ding Dong Diddly Dias. Hmm. First thoughts. Gylfi “Cut and Paste” has that amazing special D in his name that is not even a real D. Awesome. Then your commentary on Miss Butt makes me sing “Oh, Sheila,” or more accurately, “Oh, Oh, OH, oh, Sheila!” Or what about that R&B hit, “Doin’ Da Butt”?

    Anyhoo, my kiddo is not being indoctrinated with pillars of Islam (and if he were, he would quickly forget) but we are in TX and not TN. However, he is at the age that finds Butt a most amusing name. I may have told you all of our 300 enormous HEB grocery stores in Texas are named for the Butt family. But they’re laughing all the way to the bank. The REAR of the bank…

    But back to Islam and Tennessee. If I may ramble, this reminds me of last night on Jimmy Fallon, when he referred to football player Dont’a Hightower, specifically Qualin Dont’a Hightower (his full name). AND HE PROUNOUNCED IT DANTE. Like the inferno! You cannot name your son this word and pronounce it DANTE. Don’t get me started (I mean DONT’A getta mia started) on how cuh-razy that spelling is. It’s just a big negative. A big negatory.

    Sigh. Okay. Dismounting off high horse. Focusing on Earle Hyman, voice of a Thundercat. He didn’t do anything questionable, right? He’s still in good standing?

    • Dave says:

      All the HEBs are named after the Butt family?!? That’s amazing!

      How have we not written about Qualin Dont’a Hightower yet? That name is remarkable! See…. we both just remarked about it… it’s remarkable!

      I’m not sure what “questionable” means, or “good standing” but I assume I’ve fallen out of good standing a long time ago. I think Earle Hyman is still alright… and considering he’s 89, let’s hope he stays in that good standing for years to come!

    • Dave says:

      She makes me think of “Sheila Take A Bow” by The Smiths. That’s my go-to “Sheila” song.

      • kerbey says:

        Oh, yes. We have gone down this road, methinks. Morrissey’s voice is much more pleasing than the one-hit-wonder Ready For The World and their Sheila song.

    • Dave says:

      Can you tell I’m preoccupied with learning rheumatic autoimmune, and dermatological diseases? It took me ages to realize that “Buenos Ding Dong Diddly Dias” was a reference to my “Okily Dokily Folkily” intro. Or at least I think it is… is it? Oh golly, so much craziness going on. But at least my name isn’t Dont’a!

      Then again, super creative names like that are much more easily Google-able, which can be both a blessing and a curse. But for a dude with my name, it would be a bit nicer if folks could actually Google me (or, you know, find me on Facebook) every once in a blue moon.

      • kerbey says:

        Yes, it was a reference to your Flanders speak! How fun to learn about autoimmune diseases! Perhaps you can speak of Selena Gomez and Nick Cannon, who both have lupus? I’m sorry your name is so normal and First Testament. 😉 BTW, I got called “Salsa” at band practice on Wed night, and that riled my fur.

        • Dave says:

          Haha, riled fur sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll tell you if I find it fun to learn about autoimmune diseases after I take my exam on Monday morning. I’m hoping it goes well, but there’s a LOT of material to cover in all of these areas…

  4. midlifemeg says:

    I always read the comments on your posts, too, because I love all of your people.

  5. ksbeth says:

    i believe sheila butt’s twin, seeya butt, is an all-star in the world of spleunking.

  6. So Dave, if you’ve mentioned Dont’a Hightower in two FNiTN’s does that mean he needs more coverage? Cause I’d hate to think he’d sack us if we didn’t. 🙂

    • Dave says:

      Hmm… I guess you’re right. I completely forgot about him being in FNITN 97 because Arto provided the list of funny players and I just got a quick chuckle and joked about it.

      He definitely needs more coverage (not sure if that’s an intentional football pun or not, but it’s a good one) because his name is Dont’a!

      Hmm…. it’s a good thing when a name keeps coming up… perhaps we’re due for a Dont’a post sometime soon!

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