Just a Twinkle in a Dimple Rinkle? Not so Simple: Breathtaking Dynastic Beauties of Bollywood

Whilst undertaking groundbreaking field work in Funny Name Theory, our intrepid researchers came across a line of names that seemed too good to be true. Our first impulse was to call a press conference and announce the stunning results to the world immediately. We could just picture it: a Medusa head of microphones facing us, a shimmering whirr of photo flashes, a disco party reception, our pictures in the glossies, and a whole lot of grant moolah from the major foundations to fund construction of our research facilities.



Then some of our cooler heads prevailed. Science, you see, is not about glamour, fame, or gain. No, it is about knowledge, truth, intellectual integrity. And so it is that now, after painstaking months of verification, cross-checking, and analysis to rule out statistical anomalies, we finally present our results to the waiting world . . .

Ahem. Lights please.



Rarely is the beauty of astounding scientific results surpassed by the beauty of the scientific subject matter itself, but this is one such happy instance. The BoFN Institute of Noministic Inquiry joyfully presents to you women of beauty, women of talent and of creativity, women of achievement and accomplishment, women who succeeded not only on the silver screen but in fashion, in design, and in business.

Ladies, gentlemen, distinguished colleagues, we give you four outstanding women, each of whom could stand alone as a proud BoFN subject in her own right, but who together, like a veritable Avengers team of loveliness, have produced a bounteous cluster of amazing names spanning two generations and two branches of their fabulously named Bollywood clan.



We present to you first Simple Kapadia. She debuted on Bollywood’s silver screen at the tender age of 18, continued as a distinguished Bollywood actress, and ultimately established herself as a highly respected costume designer whose ensembles were sought out by the best of the best. Though immortalized in tantalizing dance sequences like the one above, Simple Kapadia left us much too early, in 2009, after a battle with cancer.

Fortunately for us, Simple was survived by her elder sister, Dimple, and her nieces, Dimple’s two daughters Rinkle and Twinkle.



Dimple Kapadia was married to Rajesh Khanna, the co-star in her sister Simple’s debut film. This, Dimple’s only marriage, did not last, but it graced the world with those two lovely daughters (about whom we will hear more shortly). Dimple Kapadia is the true Bollywood legend, an astonishing beauty with an acting career spanning decades and earning an ever growing mountain of plaudits, nominations, and awards.

Rinkle Khanna had a relatively short but notable film career before retiring to married life. Her sister Twinkle won distinction not only in the movies and also as a film producer and interior designer, founding and co-owning a chain or interior design shops as well as a film production company.

Our BoFN tagline is always true, yet never was it more so than for these magnificent ladies!

Quasi festum celebrantes diem tantæ multitudinis maiore nomina!


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20 Responses to Just a Twinkle in a Dimple Rinkle? Not so Simple: Breathtaking Dynastic Beauties of Bollywood

  1. kerbey says:

    Sad about Simple.These women are all lovely and seem pensive, like they are contemplating life choices. I am confused: do simple and twinkle mean what they do here, or is it just coincidence that those Indian names are English words? More confusing is that Rinke was born Rinkle and sought to ditch the L altogether. Why be hating on an L? I read that she also is the sister-in-law of actor Akshay Kumar, and Akshay is simply the Pig Latin version of Shaq, like in Shaquille O’Neal.

    • wdydfae says:

      In fairness to the ladies, these were my photo choices, not theirs. So I think it just means that I find pensive women totally hawt.

      English is one of the official languages of India.

      I can also understand totally why Rinke didn’t want to be known as Rinkle. But I think you’re still too young to understand that one, Kerb.

  2. ksbeth says:

    hah – well, i happen to know a woman named dimple, not simple, but that makes double dimples for me!

  3. I have seen this in the BoFN queue waiting for it’s debut. Glad we got to meet Simple, Dimple, Rinkle and Twinkle. I’ve been dying to know what spawned such an impressive title.

    One of these days, I will have to see a Bollywood film.

  4. Rio says:

    I love old Bollywood! What a great giggle on a rainy day! Who is the mysterious woman in the red hot pants who keeps popping up in front of the male lead? Does she come between them or is she the intentional foil hired by the heroine to present a series of obstacles to his pursuit of her love, and thereby test his ardour?

    Cut to monsoon season! (The old metaphor similar to the train entering a tunnel or a shooting star.)

    Dimples was my childhood nickname. I was a chubby baby.

    • wdydfae says:

      I was wondering exactly the same series of questions about the lady in hot pants, who also deserves some kind of merit badge for showing enthusiasm.

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  6. Dave says:

    So many amazing new research departments founded in one post. I love it, even if I’m 10 days out from board exams!

  7. Arto says:

    Dimple is my favorite, but all the others are a close second. The mere existence of a whole family of such beautiful rhymers is what helps me sleep at night.

  8. Liz says:

    You!!!! I have missed this! Good to see you again, diddy. Sorry to disappear and happy to reappear and find such splendiferous names here at BoFN. Not just one, no, but FOUR. I am going to a Bollywood exhibit at the Minnesota History Museum in a month’s time. Try that one on for size. I will look for mention of these ladies among the displays. So good to see you again, my friend.

    • wdydfae says:

      Liz! Well, I’ll be hornschwagled! Good to see you back, but no apologies are needed!

      Your avatar photos get better and better, by the way.

      Please report on the Bollywood exhibit. That genuinely sounds interesting.

      • Liz says:

        Hoping that being hornschwagled is not an unpleasant experience. Thanks for your kind words on the photo. Applied for a passport today, so put makeup on and did my hair for the photo. Figured I should snap something more recent for the blog, too. Will report back on my Bollywood experience. Seems a fairly hip exhibit for such a dull state 😉

  9. Hi thhanks for posting this

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