Biz Stone, Behind Twitter and More

Greetings Funny Names Fans. It time to get to business with this week’s post.

People who through stones shouldn’t live in a glass house, but a person named Biz Stone should work in high tech.

Biz Stone.
Photo courtesy of Juan Fernandez

You might not recognize him by his humble given name, Christopher Isaac Stone, but he is the co-founder and the patent holder of Twitter.

His parents brought him into this world in the year 1974 and by 1999 he created his first startup, Xanga.

Biz attended, but did not graduate from, Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts. I would say he was following the educational path of Bill Gates and we’re happy he did.

He went on to become a member of the Google Blogger team from 2003 to 2005. But that was not enough to keep Biz busy.

Besides Twitter, he helped co-found Obvious, Medium, and Jelly—which was acquired by Pinterest earlier this year.

But that’s just not enough for this man, he is also an angel investor and advisor in the startup community having backed companies like Square and Pinterest.

But he didn’t let that stop him from making his directorial debut working on a project along with Ron Howard and Cannon USA in the making of a short film called, “Evermore”.

So far Biz published three books, and multiple articles and op-ed pieces for Medium as well as print publications like The Atlantic and The Times of London.

He and his wife, Livia, founded and operate the Biz and Livia Stone Foundation. It supports conservation and education in the state of California.

I would definitely say, Biz Stone has been quite busy.

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12 Responses to Biz Stone, Behind Twitter and More

  1. Reblogged this on Fannie Cranium's and commented:

    Ever wondered who founded Twitter? This month’s post on the Blog of Funny Names.

  2. kerbey says:

    I wonder if he has ever met actress Busy Philipps? Well, Biz certainly IS a businessman! He’s had his eggs in quite a few lucrative baskets. Makes me feel my ambition is at level zero. But he’s younger than I and has more energy. I wonder if he drinks a lot of coffee to keep going? And his wife’s name, Olivia sans the O? That’s an odd one as well.

  3. ksbeth says:

    biz leaves no stone unturned –

  4. Liz says:

    So the thing is (well, first, I must say Excellent Work, Fannie!) this guy was born years after I was born and he is far more successful. Which depresses me, really. But I guess we all have our place in the world. Glad he is doing good works with his fortune. These social media guys are quite the superstars.

  5. wdydfae says:

    “. . . Fannie’s hittin’ them outa the park these days, faster than anyone can through pitches. Wait, what? . . .”

    “. . . Fannie’s one rolling stone that isn’t gathering any moss these days . . . Bravo! . . .”

    “. . . Tip top stuff. So good even Liz is coming out of the woodwork . . .”

    “. . . If Fannie keeps this up we might even get sightings of Dave, Arto, and the magic Marks . . .”

  6. Mary P says:

    I wondered if his wife was named after the first Roman emperor August’s wife Livia. .

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