Rave for Dave, Fri-Dayve Edition

What up home dogs! It is I, Rob, returning to the blog to honor a very special person – my brother Dave!  As teenagers, Dave and I realized we had a great affinity for people with awesome names. Dave, of course, took that affinity and turned it into this wonderful blog.

If you’ve been following this awesome campaign to honor the man whose nicknames (mostly used only by me) have included Davey Baby, David McGuinty, and King Ding Ding, you know that he’s been going through a heck of a lot recently. Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, and it’s taken a real toll on the poor guy. But he’s a champ, a fighter, a badass, and a boss, and he is already back in med school, inspiring everybody who crosses his path!

However, getting a brain tumor ain’t cheap, and he could use some help with his medical bills and associated expenses. Please donate here if you can. Also, if you want to learn more about Dave’s story, NBC News covered Dave’s fight in a recent story.

Now, let’s set our seriousness aside, and have some funny names fun! If you’ve followed my posts, you know I like to write about baseball. This post will be no different. So, to honor my man, the king, the Davester, here is a list of a couple of the best named Daves in baseball history:

-Dave Brain (1879-1959) – while I spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about Dave’s brain, let’s turn our attention to 1907 National League home run champion, Dave Brain. Born in England – not a country known for its ballplayers – Brain put up respectable numbers over a seven-year career, and managed to accomplish several impressive feats. In addition to winning the home run title, Brain also put up two three-triple games in the 1903 season. Remarkable!

Dave Brain

Flippin’ sweet card featuring the Brainster!

-Dave Dravecky (1956-present) – Dravecky’s story is a wild one. A good pitcher, Dave made the 1983 All Star team, and helped the Padres to the National League pennant a year later. Dravecky, however, is far better known for other reasons. One is for his right-wing political views and strong Christian beliefs. While with the Giants, Dravecky and several teammates became known as the “God Squad” – a group who eschewed the hard-partying lifestyle of many teammates, instead preferring to hold bible studies in their hotel rooms while on long road trips.

Dravecky is also known for the unfortunate circumstances that ended his career. A cancerous desmoid tumor was found in his pitching arm. (you can ask Dr. Dave what the heck a desmoid tumor is) He underwent surgery and attempted a comeback, which ended when his humerus bone snapped while he was throwing a pitch. Shortly after, a doctor discovered a malignant mass in the arm – Dravecky’s career was over. Not one to give up, Dravecky then began a motivational speaking and writing career.


Dravecky repping the sweet throwback Padres jersey!

You go, Dr. Dave. Thanks for being an awesome brother. I hope you enjoyed this warm yet goofy tribute! Keep on rockin in the free world!




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Huge San Diego Padres fan, working as an economic consultant in Pasadena, CA. Contributor to the Funny Names Blog. funnynamesblog.wordpress.com
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21 Responses to Rave for Dave, Fri-Dayve Edition

  1. Liz says:

    This is perfect, Rob. I tend to zone out when people start talking sports (I’m such a girl, I know) but this was a good read with some crazy stories. Which is altogether appropriate on this crazy blog. Glad Dr. Dave C has you on his side.

  2. Arto says:

    King Ding Ding! I gotta start using that one.

  3. kerbey says:

    Shivering at “humerus bone snapped while he was throwing a pitch.” Nope nope nope. Glad he’s still going strong–just like the Davester. Cancer knocks you down and you get back up.

  4. Dave says:

    Thanks for the lovely tribute Rob! This is beautiful stuff! However, it’s also the day that Arto first decided to call me “King ding ding.” Oh well, life goes on 🙂

    Also, Dave Brain is one I’ve never heard before. Splendid stuff!

  5. Dave says:

    Desmo- means “connective tissue” so it’s a tumor of connective tissue. It’s apparently not too malignant, but still a brutal thing to be dealing with. Dave Dravecky is quite the inspiration though!

  6. wdydfae says:

    “. . . It’s Fri-Dayve, Fri-Dayve! . . .”
    Rebecca Black

    “I’ve got Fri-Dayve on my mind! . . .”
    David Bowie

    “. . . Thank God it’s Fri-Dayve! . . .”
    Love & Kisses

    “. . . Back Fri-Dayve comes! . . .”
    Steely Dan

    “. . . Fri-Dayve is forever! He the King! . . .”
    We the Kings

  7. Dave Brain is quite a find. Love the comeback, Rob!

  8. amb says:

    Nice one, Carlson. A real no-hitter. That’s a good thing in baseball, right? Baseball is the one with the bats, right?! 😉

  9. Reblogged this on Fannie Cranium's and commented:

    The Rave for Dave Continues, albeit a little out of order. 🙂

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