More Nordic Jazz Percussionists: G

I won’t blame you if you didn’t notice the transformation, but I used to be the BoFNite that believed in “Funny Name Scarcity.”

Yeah, that was me.

Now I’m the guy who plows through piles of funny names like they were haystacks in a madcap Dukes of Hazzard style police chase. This means that King Dave was right when he told me way back,

“Look around you! These names are not really so rare!
They are here! They are there! There are names everywhere!
You see, Diddy, funny names DO grow on trees
And on bushes and twigs and from pods of green peas.”

You called this one, KD.

But I need to make some further adjustments. Between hoarding funny names like the last drops of water in Death Valley, and whitewater rafting through funny name cascades, there must be some happy medium, right? Why not slow down and enjoy the ride?

To that end, our whitewater rafting comes to an end, and henceforth we float down the big, wide, lazy river of Norwegian jazz names. We’re on percussionists now, and this bend of the river gets us through G.

Relax. Kick off them flip flops. Chew that blade of grass. Adjust the the brim of your straw hat. Let your hand dangle in the sworling waters. Ready, set, drift!

Let us contemplate G. We’ve got a respectable showing here, with Håkon Gebhardt (born 1969), Jan Martin Gismervik (1988), and Sverre Gjørvad (1966).

I discovered there’s a severe deficit of musical T’Oobs for Sverre–no videos at all, in fact. I did find some music for Jan Martin, though it’s a little too outside (to use a hep jazz term), even by avant guard Norwegian standards. This is the closest to a danceable set I could get:

Gismervik gits down and boogies here with Natali Garner (another “G”!) on vocals and Fredrik Rasten on giitar. Party hardy! Yea!

The next vid features Håkon and associates, and also provides another window into the the no-boundaries stylings of Norwegian jazz.

“Motorpsycho.” I’m tempted to call it acid jazz, which is actually a thing, though I probably misidentified it here.

The personnel for “Motorpsycho” (Qu’est-ce que c’est!) also confirms King Dave’s conclusions on Funny Name Superfluity (FNS). We got Bent Sæther gettin’ bent on vocals and bass, Hans Magnus Ryan gettin’ some magnuficent action goin’ on the giiitar, our very own Håkon Gebhardt hackin’ away on that drum kit, Baard Slagsvold doin’ some baarda**ed tinklin’ on the keys, Mathias Eick givin’ us a mongo eareik on trumpet and backing vocals, Lars Horntveth holdin’ down the horn section on sax and bass clarinet (with some back vocals thrown in), and Jørgen Munkeby monkeyin’ around on some clarinet and more back vocals.

That rounds it up for “G” except to say, GEE! Maybe it’s time to do some GOOD for Dave and GIVE GENEROUSLY, GUYS!!!!

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9 Responses to More Nordic Jazz Percussionists: G

  1. Wdydfae love the transition you’ve made from Funny Name Scarcity to Funny Name Superfluity. I feel like there might be a fly in the ointment of superfluity, only because I had to copy and past it twice.

    I had no idea there was such a thing as acid jazz. It’s a little too much for my soul, but you’ve given us lots of options to choose from. “You rock Norwegian Jazz musicians.” Somehow saying you jazz didn’t feel right.

    • wdydfae says:

      “. . . Fannie rousingly endorses the Scarcity to Superfluity transition, ushering in an age of plenty in funny name coverage . . .”

      “. . . unfamiliarity with acid jazz doesn’t stop Fannie from offering some far-out riffs . . .”

      “. . . out of the blues, Fannie classically jazzes up the Norwegian music world with her soulful comment that musicians rock . . .”

      • How do you do it? I can come up with one blurb a year. You make it look so easy!

        • wdydfae says:

          “. . . Fannie’s comments on comments about comments raise meta-commenting to a whole new self-referential level . . .”

          “. . . There’s no way to respond to Fannie’s blurb about blurbs . . . but with more blurbs . . .”

          “. . . Fannie’s note reminds us, blurbs aren’t written, they write themselves . . . or get written by the blurb generator . . . or are dictated by the blurb imp . . . or something like that . . .”

          • Pfffffft.

            I have to wipe the coffee off my monitor. I think it tried to comment through my nose as I laughed inappropriately over the blurb generated comment.

  2. ksbeth says:

    and i can appreciate your appreciation of such norwegian jazz name royalty – you never fail to deliver

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