Dave and Arto in the Comment Sections: Let’s Guess!!!

It was fun playing “Is It Dave or Is It Arto” with the FNitN pickings last time. Now we dive–or should I say a Daive?–into the comment sections of yore, to relive some luminous moments when either one or the other of those two guys dropped in to offer their inimitable wit and banter.

Which guy was it? That’s for you to guess! Have at it–or should I say have Artoit.

Answers are below, and HEY, no peeking!

Number 1:

All of these names are exquisite once again! Football never disappoints (unless you’re from Cleveland…or San Diego).

Wikipedia says Mr. St. Brown’s full name is Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown, which I think is about the most majestic name imaginable. It’s got that OED word to start, a kind of private-schoole-douchey kid sounding middle name, the name of the Egyptian ruler that was the bad guy in the Mummy, AND a J that stands for nothing. This is like the perfect name, collected of parts of other great names. He’s got my vote.

Number 2:

Wow, I can’t believe Wonderful Terrific Monds III actually exists! I’ve been a fan of that name for years.

I should also add that I’m so proud that baseball acknowledges and appreciates its funny names. There are so many good ones, and only a fantastic sport would recognize that.

Number 3:

Go Gants! That’s great. Goes to show you there’s joy in typos sometimes.


Guitar interlude for Dave.

Yngwie Malmsteen, “Sun’s Up Top’s Down.”


Number 4:

If only the south had won the war, the krumping trend would have caught on years ago, and would be referred to by its proper name: crumping. Darn Jayhawkers! (Narrowly beats out Redlegs as my favorite derogatory term for Union soldiers).

Number 5:

Clopton Havers : people who have cloptons? Hmmm.

I never knew we had shrink wrap in our bones. I may need to see a shrink to talk about that. Maybe make a rap.

That canal from Oklahome looks like there may be some Haversian crop circles going on. Aliens, aliens everywhere…

Number 6:

Ah, the Diamond! I wonder if he’s much of a golfer. If he shoots off the lane a bit he’ll be a Diamond in the rough.

Rough joke there.

Akeeba, what a name. He should write a song about that. A nice ballad, perhaps.

Number 7:

King Ding Ding! I gotta start using that one.

1) Arto, commenting on Mark’s “6th Annual Poll: Funniest Names In The 2018 NFL Draft”
2) Dave, commenting on Mark’s “Wonderful Terrific Monds III and Moniker Madness”
3) Arto responding in the comments of his own “Guppy Troup”
4) Dave, commenting on Arto’s “Pleasant Riggs Crump”
5) Arto, commenting on Dave’s “Clopton Havers, Bone Master
6) Arto again, commenting on Mark Bialczak’s “Without Akeeba and Rose, We Wouldn’t Have Neil Leslie Diamond’s Touching Story
7) Arto yet again, commenting on Rob’s “Rave for Dave, Fri-Dayve Edition

Speaking of Dave Raves, please visit Dave’s GoFundMe at the link below, and help out the Boss!

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5 Responses to Dave and Arto in the Comment Sections: Let’s Guess!!!

  1. kerbey says:

    First of all, saying Yngwie is like trying to get your tongue to touch your uvula.
    I don’t know how anything could surpass quote 1. It’s astonishingly on point regarding the name breakdown. I stand in awe of that name. I guess I hadn’t paid attention to the Imhotep part or the unnecessary J, but I appreciate it now. Some folks clearly think they are naming kings.
    BTW, my Plus One has been sneezing and requiring tissue all day; perhaps he has a case of the Cloptons. Off to WebMD that…

    • wdydfae says:

      “. . . Like the Oracle of Delphi, Kerby keep them quips comin’, quick, thick and cryptic, pulling back the curtain from all mysteries past, present and future . . .”

      “. . . We hope Kerby’s charge makes a quick comeback from the Cloptons and quells the Kleenex dispensation . . .”

  2. ksbeth says:

    i believer that dav-to answered all of them.

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