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Owner of deLizious Food Communications. Projects include recipe development, editing, and formatting; food writing and editing; nutrition analysis; public speaking and cooking instruction. Past and present clients: General Mills, Green Giant Fresh, Hormel, Minnesota Beef Council, Minnesota Soybean, Minnesota Pork Producers, Norwood Promotional Products, Pillsbury, Tad Ware, and Weight Watchers Publishing. Mother of two young girls.

Rayve 4 Dayve

So Dave, then. The reason we’re all here. Whether this is your first visit to The Blog of Funny Names or your 363rd, you owe this corner’s existence to one Mr. King Dave. And today’s post is the fourth in … Continue reading

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Juliette Gordon Low, funny name in food or no?

Today’s Funny Name in Food name hardly qualifies for this honor. First, it is not particularly funny. If you want a funny name or five, Monday’s post will do you well. But today’s name is what we have and I … Continue reading

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wolfgang puck: feeding celebrity masses

Now that Mark has kicked off Awards Season here at BoFN, this month’s Funny Names in Food post spotlights a long-time regular at Hollywood’s Oscar ceremony. You won’t see him on stage, but the fruit of Wolfgang Puck ‘s (even … Continue reading

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Mariano Martinez, Man of the Margaritas

Consider if you will, one Mariano Martinez, high-school drop-out from Dallas, Texas. The year is 1971 and Mr. Martinez opens Mariano’s Hacienda, a restaurant serving Mexican food. Problems arise on opening night when servers realize they can’t keep up with … Continue reading

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mollie katzen, good gollie

Question: Is a not particularly funny name funny if it is spelled unusually? I have not yet brought this query to the Blog of Funny Names Board (just kidding–no such thing), but I vote yes because it gives me license … Continue reading

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