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Bing! Hildegard von Bingen

Maybe Hildegard von Bingen is about as funny in German as Sally F. Johnson is in English. In other words, not very funny. But in response to that objection all I have to say is . . . Bing! Anyway, … Continue reading

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Pikotaro (PPAP)

If we’re being charitable, we would say that Pikotaro has successfully wrapped up his 15 minutes of fame. Less charitably, Pikotaro has jumped the shark. But that’s not really right, because stage personas like Pikotaro’s are pretty much created to … Continue reading

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Rav3 4 Dav3 Day 7

Words on Dave by Ogdydd Naesh Dave is sometimes known as King, And has a fondness for boxing. He also has been known to spar With WordPress and rock guitar. For funny names Dave has a passion, Which puts his … Continue reading

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Rahsaan Roland Kirk

When we say someone plays a lot of instruments it usually doesn’t mean playing them at the same time. Unless it’s¬†Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1935-1977). But this wasn’t a street performer gimmick. Rahsaan was a legend, a¬†prodigiously talented jazzman, an inspired … Continue reading

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Just a Twinkle in a Dimple Rinkle? Not so Simple: Breathtaking Dynastic Beauties of Bollywood

Whilst undertaking groundbreaking field work in Funny Name Theory, our intrepid researchers came across a line of names that seemed too good to be true. Our first impulse was to call a press conference and announce the stunning results to … Continue reading

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