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Happy 2018! Zoot Sims and Other Funny Jazz Names

Like a desiccated Christmas tree standing in the living room long after Christmas has come and gone, shedding its needles, gathering dust on its ornaments, lights unplugged, inert, incongruous, embarrassing, increasingly ridiculous, so does our seasonal Grinch reblog sit like … Continue reading

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Theodor Seuss Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Theophrastus Seuss, and a Merry Grinch Christmas Potpourri (Seasonal Reblog)

In the good land of BoFN when Christmas drew near Folk were having . . . not quite universal good cheer. For in fact, there was one . . . er, his name we can’t say . . . Whud … Continue reading

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Antoine Dominique Domino Jr. aka Fats Domino (R.I.P.)

I do music over at my place. Too often in 2017, that makes me an obituary writer. This past week my humble blog, along with the rest of our world, noted the passing of a rock and roll giant, Fats … Continue reading

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Bing! Hildegard von Bingen

Maybe Hildegard von Bingen is about as funny in German as Sally F. Johnson is in English. In other words, not very funny. But in response to that objection all I have to say is . . . Bing! Anyway, … Continue reading

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Pikotaro (PPAP)

If we’re being charitable, we would say that Pikotaro has successfully wrapped up his 15 minutes of fame. Less charitably, Pikotaro has jumped the shark. But that’s not really right, because stage personas like Pikotaro’s are pretty much created to … Continue reading

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