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FNitN Pickin’: Is It Dave or Is It Arto?

We miss Dave and Arto’s inimitable comic zing, so we’re going to dive into the archives and relive some of those magical moments. I remember getting to the point where I could tell Dave and Arto apart without seeing the … Continue reading

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Theodor Seuss Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Theophrastus Seuss, and a Merry Grinch Christmas Potpourri (Seasonal Reblog)

In the good land of BoFN when Christmas drew near Folk were having . . . not quite universal good cheer. For in fact, there was one . . . er, his name we can’t say . . . Whud … Continue reading

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Greeks of Amherst: A Handful of Jazzfolk

Downbeat. The Pantheon. Animal House. Amherst. Doogie Howzer. What do these things have in common? Well, they’re all connected to that thing where I trawl Wikipedia to collect names of jazzmen and jazzwomen and put up another kooky post. Jazz. … Continue reading

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Norwegian Jazz Drummers from Hamre to Hulbækmo

We continue our alphabetical exploration of the Norwegian jazz scene, which started by chance but continues with plodding, mind-numbing deliberateness. But if you’re just joining us, don’t fall asleep just yet! We are on percussionists and the letter H, which turns … Continue reading

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More Nordic Jazz Percussionists: G

I won’t blame you if you didn’t notice the transformation, but I used to be the BoFNite that believed in “Funny Name Scarcity.” Yeah, that was me. Now I’m the guy who plows through piles of funny names like they … Continue reading

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