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Bing! Hildegard von Bingen

Maybe Hildegard von Bingen is about as funny in German as Sally F. Johnson is in English. In other words, not very funny. But in response to that objection all I have to say is . . . Bing! Anyway, … Continue reading

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Here’s to King Dave, who taught me about more than funny names

Back when I was wet behind the ears, I dreamed about being a writer for BoFN. Then Dave Carlson opened his big, fuzzy heart and let me into the big leagues. Well, something like that. I was writing along at … Continue reading

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Rave for Dave, Fri-Dayve Edition

What up home dogs! It is I, Rob, returning to the blog to honor a very special person – my brother Dave!  As teenagers, Dave and I realized we had a great affinity for people with awesome names. Dave, of … Continue reading

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Rayve 4 Dayve

So Dave, then. The reason we’re all here. Whether this is your first visit to The Blog of Funny Names or your 363rd, you owe this corner’s existence to one Mr. King Dave. And today’s post is the fourth in … Continue reading

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Rav3 for Dav3 Day 3!

We continue our ongoing DaveFest today with another entry to celebrate our resident boxing enthusiast, Prince fanatic, medical student and professional name appreciator. On Monday,  the inimitable Fannie Cranium got us going and updated us on his health issue, and … Continue reading

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