Greg McKegg – The Power of Rhyme

It’s good to be back here at the Funny Names Blog after a long pause. It is always a joy to bring news of the finest names of the most accomplished people to your screens. So let’s get straight to it!

Today, a classic for sports lovers – the great Greg McKegg.

His name always brings a smile to the sportscaster’s face. Even if we can’t see them calling his name, we know it makes them happy. I know it makes me happy.

McKegg is a forward playing hockey for the Carolina Hurricanes, a team named with the patented “worst thing that ever happened here” scheme also used by the Chicago Fire, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the Los Angeles Kardashians.

Playing with the number 42, the Hurricanes clearly identified Greg as the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately he was apparently not the answer to winning games, as the team has not made the playoffs in nine years.

But once they do, we all know they will celebrate with a big party. A McKegger if you will.

So thank you Greg McKegg, and keep on chugging along.


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Teepa Snow, A Positive Approach

Greetings funny names fans! Welcome to a new year. Today we meet Teepa Snow. I first discovered Teepa on YouTube watching one of her training videos for dementia care. It was her name and her manner that attracted my attention—and her positive approach.

Here was this energetic woman demonstrating how to de-escalate a crisis with someone with dementia. It was beautiful. Goosebumps crawled up my arms. My eyes misted.

In one short video I learn how to care for my father when he felt out-of-control. Here is that video. Go ahead and watch it on YouTube, I’ll wait.

Welcome back.

How did she get there, according to her own website:

Teepa’s experience in neurological impairment care spans both her personal and professional worlds. Early in her life, her grandfather moved into her family’s house due to his changing abilities. However, at the time words such as eccentric then senile were used. Later on, she helped provide support for other family members with various forms of brain change. As a teenager, Teepa started by volunteering with a group in order to work with children with various developmental disabilities. This group included her much younger sister, who had developed an inoperable brain tumor by age three, leaving her with lasting severe developmental issues. By the time she started college at Duke University, Teepa had been a nursing assistant, before there was a certification, and a volunteer in day programs and hospitals near campus.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Zoology from Duke, but it was in 1978 when she entered the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill School of Medicine’s Program on Aging that set the course for the rest of her life.

Teepa is an occupational therapist by trade, but her insight and skills in working with folks with brain injuries, helped her develop her unconventional skills. She now travels the country teaching care givers how to positively give care, introducing more emotional support for the person with dementia.

She made it her mission to change the culture of dementia professional care and support not only in this country, but around the world. She supports the person with dementia and teaches others how to care for and celebrate what remains, no matter where they are in their decline. So the person living with dementia will still be seen as a person, not a J-O-B.

She has written several guide books and created several videos teaching how to care for people with dementia from the early stages to end of life. Several of her videos are featured on YouTube.

Let’s all raise a cup of cheer to the wonderfully named Teepa Snow and her positive approach.

To learn more about Teepa, visit her website here.

Tracy – Fannie Cranium’s Guide to Irreverent Wisdom

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FNitN Pickin’: Is It Dave or Is It Arto?

We miss Dave and Arto’s inimitable comic zing, so we’re going to dive into the archives and relive some of those magical moments.

I remember getting to the point where I could tell Dave and Arto apart without seeing the byline. But it took a while. Now, here’s a chance for you to test, hone, or otherwise develop such skills.

Below, we take some of the classic intros from Funny Names in the News. Is it Dave or is it Arto? You decide. Answers are at the bottom. No cheating!

Entry #1:

Yo yo yo, it’s time for a Fabulous Friday Funny Names in the News – now celebrating its 106th edition!

Is it summer already… I guess it is… and you know what that means!



Kristaps will have his hands full as he adapts to a new “five players and one basketball” format here in America.

Yes, it means the NBA draft has rolled around (obviously!), and all sorts of tall dudes will find out where they’ll be spending the next couple of years.

Entry #2:

Hey everyone, I’m here! It’s true, I am!

We have some news from the past week involving some really funny names, so let’s read on.

Entry #3:

Get on your Sparklehorses, folks! It’s another star-studded edition of Funny Names in the News… now completing its second year (104 weeks means 2 years, right? Right?!?)

Entry #4:

Hello dear readers, it’s Friday! Whoohoo! The word Friday is of course derived from the Old English “day of the Frigg”, referring to the goddess Frigg, associated with Venus, who was associated with Fridays. Why? Because she was friggin’ awesome!

Enrty #5:

Howdy doody cowboys!!! Notice how I didn’t capitalize “cowboys” there? There’s a reason for that… there ain’t none “Cowboys” in today’s post. Instead, there’ll be a few Patriots, and a couple of Seahawks. Plus our usual assortment of funny names in the news. Sounds like a party!

Entry #6:

Hello hello, and welcome to the very first Funny Names in the News of 2015!

I think it’s the first, I haven’t quite been paying attention. I’ll probably still be writing 2014 in the date fields of most forms for the next six months. Some of [us] take a moment to adjust to these things.

Entry #7:

Aha! Fooled ya! This is a final mystery link! Will it take us to Dave, or Arto? Flip a coin, pull off daisy petals, or use any preferred either-or decision making protocol, folks!

1) Dave, June 26, 2015: “Funny Names in the News 106, with Kristaps Porzingis, Panda’s Friend, Santa, and the New York Knickerbockers”

2) Arto, June 12, 2015: “Funny Names in the News 105 with Ruffles and Acronym Madness”

3) Dave, May 15, 2015: “Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods, and Sparkle Lee Headline a Punchy Funny Names in The News 104”

4) Arto, May 8, 2015: “Funny Names in the News Vol. 103 – Range Anxiety Edition”

5) Dave, January 30, 2015: “Funny Super Bowl Names, Page 3 Girls and More – It’s Funny Names in the News 97”

6) Arto, January 16, 2015: “Funny Names in the News Vol. 96! Now with Excellence in Sound Editing!”

7) It’s Dave! Just click on the link below.



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Theodor Seuss Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Theophrastus Seuss, and a Merry Grinch Christmas Potpourri (Seasonal Reblog)

In the good land of BoFN when Christmas drew near
Folk were having . . . not quite universal good cheer.
For in fact, there was one . . . er, his name we can’t say . . .
Whud Id Fah? Whud Yuhd Fee? Or, Why Diddy Fay?
But in all BoFN towns and in each BoFN city
The BoFNites chose to just call him . . .



Now in Diddy’s hard, cold, little bristly brain
There bounced back and forth only one tired refrain.
“This name waste must stop! Stop wasting those names!
No, no, no! Don’t you waste! No more name wasting games!
Funny names are a rare, irreplaceable treasure!
Don’t waste them, I say! They are rare beyond measure!”

And so it went on, and then on, and on more
Until BoFNites marched to bang on the king’s door.
“Tell this Diddy to cease! Tell this Diddy to hush!
But don’t you stop there: tell this Diddy ‘Shush! Shush!'”

So King Dave rolled his eyes and paid Diddy a visit.
And he said, “Look here, Diddy! This isn’t keen, is it?
This pouting and shouting and spouting–not good!
The real estate’s tanking in each neighborhood.”

“Look around you! These names are not really so rare!
They are here! They are there! There are names everywhere!
You see, Diddy, funny names DO grow on trees
And on bushes and twigs and from pods of green peas.”

Now, according to custom, a Scrooge-ish conversion
Takes many long scenes in a good movie version,
And many a page in a fine children’s book,
And that is indeed how long Diddy’s took,
But we’ve got strict word limits so we’ll jump on ahead
And show, not old Diddy, but the new one instead.

“King Dave, you are right!!! How could I be so wrong?!?”
Diddy said (and we promise this change did take long).

“There are funny names here, and funny names there!
Why, there’s one on the porch, and on the third stair!
Yes, finding these names is not hard! It’s a cinch!
Look, here’s Cindy Lou Who, Mayor Maywho, and Grinch!
Cindy Lou lives in Whoville and Grinch on Mt. Crumpit,
And he tore down its slopes blaring blasts from a trumpet!”

Thus Diddy expounded, his arms stretched aloft.
“Oh, and Grinch had a song sung by Thurl Ravenscroft!”

“Now you doubters who gasp, to your total surprise’ll
hear Theo LeSieg, Theodor Seuss Geisel
A.k.a. Theophrastus, our own Dr. Seuss!
(Who drew the green eggs with a car and caboose)!
And our Seuss had a publisher named Bennett Cerf,
And though it’s off topic, this thing’s called a Smurf!

Well, the BoFNites marched to King Dave’s house once more.
“Stop this Diddy!” they cried. NOW HE’S WORSE THAN BEFORE!!!

So, we hope that our tale gave you some small delight,
We’ll end here and wish you a good Christmas night!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

But our story’s not really quite over at all,
For we’ve got to get out and give King Dave a call,
Not to pound on his door but to lend him a hand!
Click the icon below and you’ll understand.

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Earl Nightingale, the Fifth

Happy holidays funny names fans!

For those last minute shoppers, let’s do a little warm up to inspire your shopping trip. How about a few deep knee bends. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

Now that you’re warmed up to shop, let’s warm up to today’s subject: Motivation. We’ve covered some wonderful names in motivation here at the BoFN, Orison Swett Marden, Napoleon Hill, with honorable mention to Zig Zigler.

Earl Nightingale, photo courtesy of

So today let’s look at Earl Nightingale, the fifth. He sounds like an English lord, but he’s the inspiration behind the motivational movement in the U.S. All because he had a question when he was 12-years-old and wanted to find an answer. After his father abandoned the family in 1933, young Earl wanted to know why he, his two brothers, and his mom were living in a tent in “Tent City” and why they lived as they did.

Since no one around him could answer the question, he went to the public library in search of the answer. It was the start of a journey that would take him years to discover.

When he turned 17 he joined the Marines in hopes of seeing action in Japan during WWII. He was stationed in Hawaii and was one of 15 Marine survivors from the USS Arizona. After the war ended, but before he mustered out of the Marines, he took a job in radio at WJNC in North Carolina.

When he was released from the military he started his radio career in Phoenix, then moved up to the windy city of Chicago. In addition to his radio commentary, he starred as the voice of Sky King on a nationally syndicated show, becoming a childhood radio hero.

When he was thirty-five, Earl read, Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Between those pages he first discovered the answer to his question. “We become what we think.”

(When I first read that line I panicked. There was a time in my very young life I wanted to be a blueberry. What’s not to love, they are blue, and burst in your mouth with a sweet/tart tang. Even Pop Tart had an ode to blueberries in their blueberry pop tart. I am grateful I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it—dodged a bullet on that one.)

Shortly after Earl read these words, he decided to take a fishing trip. He wrote an essay to the salesmen in his office wanting to give them inspiration. A friend of his worked at Columbia Records and helped him press a single audio recording of the essay which he called “The Strangest Secret.”

When he returned from his trip, the salesmen were so inspired, they each wanted a copy. Word spread through out the sales community and without any advertising or marketing Earl sold one-million copies earning him a Gold Record. Speaking of Gold Records, it was the only one ever given for a spoken word recording. The great thing is, the recording is still available on vinyl.

So if you need motivation to go shopping, there you go.

Tracy – Fannie Cranium’s Guide to Irreverent Wisdom

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