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Celebrity Birthdays on July 24th, A Short List

Welcome back funny names fans. After last week’s Norwegian Drummers taking over the air waves of Jazz, I thought this week we should go a completely different direction. Celebrities with birthdays on July 24th: Happy birthday to you! Jennifer Lopez … Continue reading

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Nordic Masters of Jazz Drums A-F

For everything there is a season. A time to fight. A fight for tactical retreat. A time to rally and re-engage. And a time to wave the white flag. That’s where we are now, with funny names, and jazz. And … Continue reading

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Funny Names in Jazz Bass T-Z: Very Vivid Vignettes for Victoriously Vanquishing Voracious Vikings

Here we wind up our alphabetical odyssey through the names of jazz bassists, searching for the most numerous numinous names, whether Norwegian or non. Our Norse friends are being singled out, but only because they brought so much attention to … Continue reading

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Funny Jazz Bass Names from M to S: Fording the Fjord

We learn a lot of things at this joint. Things like, whoa, Norway totally dominates funny jazz bass names. At least for the first half of the alphabet. Now we’re here to see if it’s true for M-S. Place your … Continue reading

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Knute Rockne

Norwegian born, American football player and coach, Knute Rockne emigrated in 1893 with his parents from Voss, Norway, when he was five-years-old. Young Knute learned football in his new home town of Chicago, where he played for his high school … Continue reading

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