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Thaumoctopus Mimicus

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter weekend*, and had a chance to share some time with family and ponder interesting existential questions, such as “What’s the deal with the rabbit bringing eggs? Aren’t they supposed to be mammals that … Continue reading

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Siegfried Fischbacher, Roy Horn, and Their White Tigers

Madonna, Britney, Hillary, Elvis, Kobe. There are some people who the whole world seems to know on a first name basis. Siegfried Fischbacher is one of those people. Best known as part of the famed duo Siegfreid and Roy, Mr. … Continue reading

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Governor C.L “Butch” Otter

Following the “Super Tuesday” of Republican Primary voting can be funny for many reasons, but an unexpected pleasure arose in seeing the current Idaho governor Clement Leroy “Butch” Otter’s name come up in news reports. Governor Otter is now serving … Continue reading

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Outerbridge Horsey

Welcome to the Funny Names Blog! The first name to be proudly commemorated on our blog : Outerbridge Horsey.  That’s right, Outerbridge Horsey. Now, we all had someone in our graduating class named Outerbridge, but when you combine that with the … Continue reading

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