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Gutzon Borglum meets Mount Rushmore

Welcome back funny names fans! We interrupt this post for an announcement . . . I am busting to tell you about some good news. I received word over the weekend that my book proposal for dementia home care was … Continue reading

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Whistle While Iwerks

Most self-respecting Americans would recognize that mouse and that Disney mustache anywhere. But today we celebrate the man on the right, Ubbe Eert “Ub” Iwerks, aka Walt Disney’s oldest and dearest friend. Ub was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1901. His father, … Continue reading

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Eyvind Earle

Artist, author, illustrator. Someone with a marvelously alliterative name. Born April 26, 1916 in New York City to wealth and privilege. His father, Ferdinand Earle, a movie producer, moved the family to Hollywood in 1918. Eyvind’s mom, Charlotte Herman—concert pianist, … Continue reading

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Fan Bingbing – China’s Sweetheart

Fan Bingbing (or Bingbing Fan, depending on your Chinese name transcription preferences) is a super popular Chinese film and TV actress, with a delightfully airy name. Just say it, “Fan Bingbing”. Quite fun, eh? Fan was ranked the number one most … Continue reading

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Ima Hogg, First Lady Of Texas

Chances are, if you don’t hail from the Lone Star State, you mightn’t have heard about this lovely lady. Ima Hogg (1882 – 1975), known as “The First Lady of Texas,” was a philanthropist and collector of arts and antiques. Yes, that was … Continue reading

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