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To Be Batman or Not to Be

Greetings funny names fans! For those of you who’ve been around for a while, you know I have a penchant for comics and their authors. I spent a wonderful weekend with my better half at the Emerald City Comic Con. … Continue reading

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Rodney Cocks – Hardman

Have you ever felt like bad things keep happening to you? You know, you pour the morning coffee and as you try to get your little splash of milk in it comes out in clumps of gross stuff rather than … Continue reading

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Rebel Wilson

Oh, hi! You’re here. You’ve probably, uhh, come for the funny names. Ok. That’s no problem. Funny names. I can do that. Sure. I just, um, I have to tell you guys something first. This is a little awkward. In … Continue reading

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“I’ve Been Everywhere” – A Treasure Trove of Funny Names

Fun(?) fact #1: in 115 posts for this here blog (this is Dave, in case you are wondering), I’ve only written about a place name one time. Can anyone remember what it was? How about anyone not named Amb or … Continue reading

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Christina Cock & Wilbert Cock

Some people lead happy lives, some live long lives. Christina Cock got both. Born in 1887 on a bush farm in Southwestern Australia, she lived to see three centuries, dying at the age of 114 in 2002. When she was … Continue reading

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