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Galusha Pennypacker

Who’s the dapper Union general in a double-breasted coat, you ask? Why, it’s none other than Galusha Pennypacker in his Civil War days. Pennypacker (unlike many hard-to-pronounce names on this blog) is a jubilant joy for the tongue, like pedalpusher or Miss Moneypenny. … Continue reading

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Moxley Sorrel & His Military Moxie

With the removal of the Confederate battle flag from South Carolina’s State House grounds, the subject of the Civil War and the Confederacy has recently been in the news. No matter where you side on the issue, there’s no denying that the Confederate army was … Continue reading

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Gertrude Grubb and her powerful pension

Howdy doody everyone! I’ve been taking an “informal long weekend” after finishing a grueling Cardiology block on Munday (so grueling, in fact, that I spelled “Monday” that way the first time I typed it, and decided to leave it in … Continue reading

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