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Ova, Ova, Ova: Funny Names at the U.S. Open

“It’s true I always try to be as seductive as possible, but I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t play tennis.”–Anna Kournikova Rybarikova…Rodionova…Cepelova…Strycova…Pronkova…to the uninitiated these names may sound like they came straight from the roster of the Moscow Ballet.   In fact, … Continue reading

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From the Annals of American Political History: Harry Baals and Wankard Pooser.

“I saw a snake having sex with a vulture and, I thought, it’s just business as usual in Washington, DC.”–Jarod Kintz There may be plenty of snakes and vultures in Washington, DC,  but when it comes to flat out, upfront … Continue reading

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Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti

It’s no surprise that Finnish people (or more accurately, Finnish person) play a major role in this blog, and when you throw in Frenchness, that’s a force to be reckoned with. That’s the case with today’s profiled personage, Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti. A … Continue reading

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Lillian Virginia Mountweazel–The funniest eponymous name that never was

“You could look it up.”–Casey Stengel According to the 1975 edition of the New  Columbia Encyclopedia,   “Lillian Virginia Mountweazel ( 1942-1973),  was an American photographer, b. Bangs, Ohio. Turning from fountain design to photography in 1963, Mountweazel produced her celebrated portraits of … Continue reading

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2013 Funny Names In Review: Introducing the Horsey Awards!

“I don’t deserve this award.  But then I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that, either.”–Jack Benny Oscars…Emmys…Tonys…Pulitzers…who cares?  There is a new accolade that every up-and-coming celebrity can now aspire to, over and above anything else out there. Welcome … Continue reading

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